Sheamus vs. Brock Lesnar Is a Must-Happen Match

Drake OzSenior Writer IIFebruary 27, 2013

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As if we didn’t already know, it was all but confirmed on this week’s Raw that Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H: The Rematch will take place at WrestleMania 29.

Many fans are up in arms about this match taking place again because Lesnar’s WWE contract only requires him to work a few matches per year, and it’s seen as a waste to have him face a part-timer like Triple H twice.

Indeed, it’s safe to say that there are better possible opponents for Lesnar at WrestleMania, but since he’s reportedly sticking around for the next two years, which means he will likely have the chance to work with a handful of other WWE stars.

One man Lesnar has to face at some point? Sheamus.

After dominating the world title picture for almost all of 2012, Sheamus suddenly finds himself in an odd spot on the road to WrestleMania 29. While he’s clearly still one of the WWE’s top babyfaces, it looks like he’s going to be somewhat of an afterthought at the biggest PPV of the year.

Judging by what we saw on Monday’s Raw, Sheamus appears to be headed for either an Intercontinental Championship match against Wade Barrett or some type of multi-man match against The Shield on the grandest stage of them all. Either match would be a case of “been there, done that” and a step back for Sheamus.

But just because Sheamus may not be getting pushed quite as hard as he was last year, that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom for “The Great White.”

In fact, he’s still probably the WWE’s No. 2 or 3 babyface—as far as full-timers go—and there really hasn’t been a whole lot to suggest that that will change anytime soon. Sheamus, however, hasn’t had the marquee wins over the last year that some of the WWE’s other top babyfaces have.

Although Sheamus has won a lot, his 2012 world title reign was dominated by a boring feud with Alberto Del Rio that didn’t produce many good matches, and ADR was never really much of a serious threat to Sheamus. Then, once Sheamus feuded with Big Show, he lost two of three PPV matches to the giant.

With all the winning Sheamus has done over the last year-plus, you wouldn’t think that he needed a big feud and major win to help solidify himself as a top guy. Surprisingly, he does.

And there would be no better man for him to beat than Lesnar.

Of all the beasts and behemoths in the WWE, whether part-time or full-time, Lesnar is the most physically imposing of the bunch. He has that rare quality that, whether he wins or loses, makes him come across like a star and an unstoppable monster.

If you put Lesnar face to face with most of the WWE’s top stars, you wouldn’t realistically expect many of them to stand a chance against him. However, Sheamus is one of those few guys who could believably beat him.

In terms of size, Sheamus and Lesnar are almost mirror images of each other. Sheamus stands at 6’4”, 267 pounds, and Lesnar is listed at 6’3”, 266 pounds—about as close as you can get without actually being the exact same size.

What’s perhaps even more similar about the two, however, is the way that they wrestle. Thanks in part to his background in UFC, Lesnar comes across as a fighter more so than a wrestler. He’s an absolute hoss of a brawler through and through.

The same goes for Sheamus. Especially over the last year or so, he’s developed a very physical and intense style in the ring that has helped him evolve into arguably the best brawler in the WWE today. He says that he loves to “fight,” and much like Lesnar, his matches look more like unsanctioned fights than they do wrestling matches.

Both Sheamus and Lesnar have the perfect blend of size, intensity and physical abilities that make them two of the most impressive superstars in the WWE today.

A match and feud between the two would be pure gold if booked correctly—a clash between two behemoths, one who the fans love and one who the fans love to hate.

Lesnar is only going to be around for two years, so it’s absolutely imperative that the WWE gets everything out of him that it can while he’s still there. A rematch with Triple H isn’t something that’s going to benefit the WWE in the long run, either.

A match and feud with Sheamus, however, would be the perfect opportunity to put Sheamus over in a major way.

The WWE doesn’t get a ton of chances to have a huge name like Lesnar come back to the company, so when it does, it shouldn’t use those chances to put on matches that will result in no real long-term benefits.

Lesnar is going to draw money no matter who he faces or feuds with, but there are only a few guys who would make a believable opponent for him.

Sheamus is one of them, and if the WWE knows what’s best, it will make sure that Lesnar doesn’t leave the WWE without putting him over first. 


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