MLB 2K13's Official Trailer Gives Fans Something to Look Forward to

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 27, 2013

image fm 2K Sports Facebook
image fm 2K Sports Facebook

Fans of MLB 2K13 finally got something to pique their interest in the upcoming game. Though it is slated for release on March 5, information and media have been scarce until now.

2K Sports released this official trailer on Feb. 21.

Trailers generally don't give us the meat and potatoes of a game, but it serves to promote and display some of the high-level appeal. One of the first things that caught my eye in the trailer is the detail in the facial renders.

They look to be slightly improved from past versions. But I'm still not a major fan of the overall player models. In many ways, this is relative, as some people may have a different opinion on how realistic the bodies of the players look.

I find the legs and shoulders a little too thick and bulky.

The awesome baseball voice of Gary Thorne can be heard throughout the trailer, and his delivery of events that include player names is smooth. This can at times be choppy as the appropriate name is plugged into generic phrases.

It's clear 2K has had Thorne and other commentators record more player-specific phrases, and that makes the audio aspect of the game come off more naturally.

Commentating has long been a strong suit of the series, and this looks to be another solid year on this front.

As the only baseball simulation available for XBox 360 gamers, the trailer should cause some excitement for those that roll with Microsoft exclusively. Like it or not, these baseball/video game fans have had to be MLB 2K gamers by default.

That may not be much of a problem for fans that prefer MLB 2K as the premier baseball simulation available. However, PS3 gamers will again have a choice between MLB 2K and Sony's MLB 13 The Show.

The Show has been generally more highly acclaimed over the years. I rated MLB 2K12 an eight, and MLB 12 The Show a nine. IGN rated MLB 2K12 a seven, and The Show 12 an 8.5, so like most things in this world, the opinions vary.

Has MLB 2K12 been able to close the gap? We'll see on March 5 when both games release.


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