Denard Robinson and Ryan Swope Announced as Finalists for NCAA Football 14 Cover

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2013

The cover vote for NCAA Football 14 is down to Denard Robinson from Michigan and Ryan Swope of Texas A&M, according to the video game's Facebook page.

Robinson isn't a surprise. He was one of the most well-known college players in the country this season despite struggles under center for the Wolverines. After being replaced by Devin Gardner, he went on to fill a couple different roles for the team. 

On the flip side, Swope's appearance in the final vote is a shocker. Although he has posted solid numbers each of the past three seasons for the Aggies, he certainly doesn't have the same type of widespread notoriety as Robinson.

The Texas A&M fanbase deserves a lot of credit for helping carry him within one victory of landing on the video game cover.

As you'd expect, the lobbying has already begun on Twitter.

Swope hit up his nearly 22,000 followers, a number that is sure to grow as he attracts more attention thanks to this process.

A mere two minutes later, Robinson contacted his 63,000-plus followers in hopes of stuffing the ballot box and winning the coveted cover spot.

Based on name recognition and the sizable follower advantage, you have the give the early edge to Robinson. Michigan and Texas A&M both have huge fanbases, so it's hard to discern which player gets an advantage from that.

Robinson should also get the casual fan vote, but that will probably end up making a very small percentage of the final tally. It will come down to the diehards, as Swope's spot to the final illustrates.

Perhaps it will come down to which way SEC country breaks. Do they stick with the conference representative and support Swope or find it too difficult to vote for a fellow SEC team and break for Robinson? That could make the difference.

It all depends on voter turnout. Robinson and Swope have already begun the process of helping their own causes. One of them will end up on store shelves this summer.