Knockout Alert: Fighter Gets Kicked so Hard That He Spins Around

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2013

The knockout. 

Arguably the most glorious action in the sport of mixed martial arts, a good knockout can pull even the calmest fan from his or her seat. 

Ladies and gentlemen, strap in, because this knockout, surfaced by, represents one fine example of a perfect, stone-cold KO. 

With just eight seconds of action to evaluate, let us break down this hellacious finish. 

Just seconds into Round 1, Vaughn Govia (blue and white trunks) is seen bouncing around from the orthodox stance as Miguel Saenz (black and red trunks) settles down after throwing a strike. Govia then switches to the southpaw stance, and Saenz throws a half-hearted jab. 

Oh boy. Can you feel it brewing? 

A split second after Saenz regroups from the jab, Govia unleashes a left high kick straight from Hades. 

Did you hear that crack? 

Did somebody just smack a wet walrus with a ruler, or did Govia just score a hard-hitting knockout?

The latter proved to be the case, as Saenz spun around and slumped against the cage, clearly out on his feet. Govia lands a follow-up left hand, but the referee immediately recognized the situation and darted in to save Saenz from further damage. 

As the referee tends to a down-and-out Saenz, Govia walks away calmly like a boss. 

Wow. You have to appreciate a bone-cracking, rigor mortis-inducing kick, and Govia's offering is a fine example.

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