Brent Musburger Now Signing Katherine Webb Posters, She Remains a 10

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2013

Photo Credit: Matt Mummelthei Twitter
Photo Credit: Matt Mummelthei Twitter

An already crazy story takes another turn as Brent Musburger autographs a poster featuring the woman of the year, Katherine Webb. 

Musburger helped introduce Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, to the world when the camera spotted her at the College Football National Championship game.  

Musburger turned Webb into an Internet sensation when he said of her on the live telecast, "You quarterbacks get all the good looking women.  What a beautiful woman. Whoa!"

One lucky fan managed to spot the ESPN broadcaster at an Iowa State game on Monday night. I imagine that he ran with tremendous giddiness down from the stands with his gigantic Katherine Webb poster in hand, hoping Musburger might sign the image. 

He did. 

Here is a tweet from Cyclones fan Matt Mummelthei, who had quite the night on Twitter. 

That is a beaming Mummelthei standing next to the man who launched a celebrity in the form of Katherine Webb. 

It seems he hasn't lost his touch, because Mummelthei enjoyed an exciting night right after tweeting the image of him and Musburger. 

He would go on to enjoy dap from various outlets, even managing to make the Discovery page on Twitter. 

Of course, the young man had nothing but great things to say about Musburger. 

Lost in all the hype and hoopla surrounding Webb was this rather enjoyable honey badger poster Mummelthei managed to get signed as well. 

Now, if instant fame is your thing, you may want to sidle up to Musburger and make your presence known. 

He has a way of making the anonymous into instant celebrities. Even this brief autograph session got the Iowa State student a bright spotlight for one amazing night. 

With but a mere mention, Musburger launched Webb into a stratosphere that includes an appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue as well as a spot on the upcoming ABC series Splash

While our fan here will settle for two posters and one hell of a story, the sentiment still holds true: Musburger has a way of creating stars. 


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