Ranking the Best Modifications to the WWE Championship Belt

T.J. Brennan@BrennansBiteCorrespondent IIFebruary 26, 2013

Ranking the Best Modifications to the WWE Championship Belt

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    Finally, the WWE has a new WWE Championship belt.  

    Although it doesn't tickle my fancy, The Rock's new WWE Championship is a refreshing and much-needed change to the belt.  I don't know about any of you readers, but the spinning version pictured above was getting a little ridiculous.  

    Throughout the WWE's history, there have been many changes to the belt.  

    Some are quick changes to a different color of the leather strap, others are complete overhauls of the previous belt.  

    Take a look at the best modifications to the WWE Championship.  

Big Green Belt

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    This belt was just plain ugly.  

    It's on this list because it was a starting point for belt modifications.  It was also modified every time a wrestler won the belt, as the side plates explain the reigns of previous champions.  

    When Hulk Hogan defeated Iron Sheik, it was for this championship, and that's why it is remembered.  

    But that doesn't make up for how hideous it is.  This belt is so ugly that Hogan could not even make it look appealing or prestigious.  

    And the only thing good thing about this belt was that it was changed.  

Spinner Belt

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    As you'll see in the following slides, I don't really like belts custom-made for specific WWE Superstars.  

    In 2005, John Cena presented this belt to the WWE Universe, as shown in the video above.  

    When the belt was introduced, it was different; it fit the culture of the new WWE with John Cena as "The Guy."

    Although appealing for a while, it lost its luster about five years ago when older guys like Triple H and Batista were wearing the belt.  

    It became stale because champions stopped spinning it, which completely defeated the purpose of it.   

Smoking Skull Belt

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    This belt was made for Stone Cold Steve Austin in the heat of the Attitude Era.  

    I own a replica of this belt, and it's pretty sweet.  It has a snakeskin coloring to leather on the underside of the belt, and the smoking skull in the middle looks pretty intimidating.  

    But as previously mentioned, it was custom-made for Austin, and it didn't last very long in the WWE.  


New WWE Championship

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    The Rock's new WWE Championship looks legit, and the only thing that really hurts it are the Brahma bulls on the side plates of the belt.  

    The main plate of the belt looks sick except for the enormous WWE logo taking up most of the belt.  

    The black coloring of the inside of the plate is different and really makes it look appealing.  

Hogan '85

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    This is a simple belt and introduced the eagle on the front which you'll see again later in this slide show. 

    The belt kept the same same tradition of having individual reigns highlighted on the side plates of the belt.

    It was silver, though, which is the primary reason why it as changed.  Despite that, it's still a great championship belt, and it's a shame it was changed so soon.  

Hogan '86

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    This was the replacement for the Hogan '85 belt, and it was a good one. 

    The globe was brought back on the belt and had images of the flags of different countries, showing that the champion was the champion of the world.  

    The simple nature of this belt is really what makes it awesome.  

Winged Eagle

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    The initial winged eagle was a great design for a belt.  

    The eagle is prominent of the face of the belt, and its wings extend past the leather strap of it, hence being named the "winged eagle."

    The one negative about it was that it was smaller and less imposing of a belt.  

    Plus it was inspiration for the WWE Hardcore Championship.   

Undisputed Championship

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    The undisputed belt is definitely one of my favorites because it encompasses history with an elegant design.  

    The belt kept the eagle at the top of the belt as well as the image of the globe in the middle.  

    The gold-and-black design made it a simple, but the intricate details in the carving of the gold really made the belt pop.  

Attitude Era

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    This was by far the coolest belt in the history of the WWE.  

    It kept the imposing eagle on the main plate but increased the size of the image of the globe and made the color pop more.  

    The belt was introduced during the Attitude Era and was a staple until it was switched for the undisputed belt. 

    For the rest of the history of the WWE, there will never be another championship belt with the appeal of this one.  It's as good as a championship belt can get.