Michael Cole Goes to Glenn Beck's Studio, Tries to Get Interview

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 26, 2013


Let's take a moment to recap, shall we.

Glenn Beck went on his show and called WWE fans "stupid."

In response to this the WWE then released a statement inviting Beck to come to Raw in Dallas.

WWE then had Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger put together a video where they explained to Beck what wrestling was. Colter magically told Beck the difference between reality and fantasy, while again inviting him to Raw.

At Raw, Beck would have been allowed to have an open, unedited forum for five minutes. During his five minutes he would have been allowed to respond to his claims however he wanted to.

Beck declined, saying that he was "busy doing anything else."

Did Beck honestly believe that the WWE was going to let this go that easily? If that is what he believed then he was dead wrong.

The WWE released a video of Michael Cole showing up to Beck's studio with a camera crew in an attempt to get a word with him. He encountered many handlers, including what appeared to be secretaries and assistants, but no Beck. Cole was eventually kicked out of the building by what looked like a teenage security guard and the owner of the studio.

The entire video is very well done by Cole. His questions and comments to the staff that he comes across are great. In the end, Cole is told that Beck isn't in the building, which appears to be a lie. Cole is then told to contact Beck's New York offices and to leave the studio property.


Beck has to respond at this point.

I am not sure how much creditability this guy had prior to his war with WWE, but he can't possibly have much now.

Beck took it upon himself to mince words with a billion dollar company on a national media platform. Did he think that the WWE was just going to brush this off?

Not only has the WWE fired back, but they have been relentless in their quest to just have Beck further discuss his statements.

If Beck ever wants anyone to take his comments seriously, he might want to come out of hiding and face this issue. The way things stand now, it's quite clear that Beck can dish it but cannot take it.