WWE Monday Night Raw: Top 11 Questions Going Forward After Monday

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 26, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw: Top 11 Questions Going Forward After Monday

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    Everything is bigger in Texas. Big "D" as in Dallas. And Monday night's Raw did not let us down.

    The show started with a "fight" which resulted in Brock Lesnar and Triple H facing off. It ended with John Cena showing that the resurgence of Cenation is alive and well. Now all that remains between Cena and his WWE Title is a date with The Rock.

    Yes, with 40 days left until WrestleMania 29, we have a clearer picture. We know whom each participant will face in New Jersey. But there are a few loose ends which need to be handled. If you know anything about Vince McMahon, who even told the raucous crowd in Dallas that the WWE needed to put on bigger and better shows leading up to WrestleMania, this was the first of an exciting array of things to come.

    But, we still need a few things cleared up as both fans and writers of the business.

    Here are some questions still left unanswered after Monday Night Raw.

What Is Next for CM Punk?

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    He lost to John Cena in what was the most important match he has had since facing Punk on Raw 1000 with the Money in the Bank contract cashed in.

    This time, Cena won and will continue the momentum to New Jersey.

    For Punk, this means one of two things. He either gets himself included in the match somehow with Cena and The Rock, or he turns his attention toward Undertaker, should the Dead Man finally appear on Raw instead of being talked about in house shows.

    Undertaker/Punk would be an epic battle.

Can Triple H and Brock Lesnar Deliver a Better Match This Time?

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    Judging by the first segment of the show and the way both Lesnar and the COO of the WWE fought in and out of the ring, this could finally be the kind of match we have wanted to see.

    There aren't too many wrestlers who can match Lesnar, who I still think is a stiff board in the ring, even with his MMA experience. When the two fought Monday night, we saw Triple H take the fight to Lesnar, which is something he will need to do to defend the McMahon family name.

    Opening Raw with this battle was so awesome. Each week should be like this.

Is the Jack Swagger/Alberto Del Rio Feud Too Offensive?

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    I have watched this go on for the past two weeks, and I cannot see how the WWE has survived this "suggestive" angle.

    The fact that Zeb Colter took a swing at Glenn Beck was awesome, and the fact the interaction between Colter and Jack Swagger showed a more determined Alberto Del Rio means this is a storyline worth watching.

    But I still get the feeling, even with First Amendment rights, it is a little too offensive. If this is part of a new "Attitude" Era, then I am very curious to see what the WWE does next with a controversial subject.

    And I am even more curious to see who they will be attacking next.

What Happened to Return of Undertaker?

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    Raw was in Texas—Undertaker's home state. There were stories written about him in a dark match last week. Heck, they even used his return last year in a Tout advertisement.

    But none of us saw the Dead Man Monday night.

    Until he is on Raw, I do not yet believe he is coming back. We all know how important he is to WrestleMania, and his stature as one of the greats continues to grow. Being in Texas would have been the ideal place for him to come out from the depths.

    And because of all the importance in matches we saw and feuds that were rekindled, it was much needed as well.

Are We Ever Going to See the Prime Time Players Win the WWE Tag Team Titles?

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    It will probably happen at WrestleMania when Daniel Bryan and Kane finally divorce themselves from each other.

    The Prime Time Players are one of those teams that looks the part, but is missing something. They lost a lot of momentum when A.W. was fired. It looks like they never recovered. They are, however, the second most complete tag team in the WWE.

    I suspect they finally get the titles at WM and then start a great feud with Tensai and Brodus Clay.

Donald Trump? Seriously?

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    Someone is going to have to explain this one to me, please.

    Trump has been associated with wrestling for years and has even participated in events. But can you tell me why his induction into the Hall of Fame is more important than Jake Roberts, Demolition or Diesel?

    This is as much a shocker as Edge being inducted last year.

Can We Get Mark Henry Some Serious Competition?

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    Watching Mark Henry dissolve that circus sideshow called The Great Khali was a waste of time and television.

    Henry should have won the Elimination Chamber match, which made more sense than pushing Jack Swagger so quickly. Henry is a beast, which could have led to a Ryback/Henry confrontation in the future.

    Now, we are stuck seeing a former `world champion fighting midcard or low-card wrestlers. A program with anyone else makes sense, including current SmackDown general manager Booker T.

    Come on, boys. Make that matchup happen.

Who Will Be The Shield's Next Victim?

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    My money is on Randy Orton, but that could mean a great many things for the WWE.

    If Randy Orton, Ryback and Chris Jericho face The Shield at WrestleMania, could it finally prove to the one move that makes Orton turn heel?

    The bait by Sheamus Monday night and the drive-by as well as the RKO from Orton on Seth Rollins was perfect. But I do not see Orton as an opponent of the unholy trinity for very long.

    Orton should make his move to the dark side in April, and he could become the undisputed leader of The Shield in New Jersey.

Are Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes Destined for Midcard Status?

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    It sure looks that way. Both are great in-ring competitors. Cody Rhodes should have already been given a shot at the World Title. Damien Sandow is one part Nick Bockwinkle, one part Lanny Poffo and one part Bruiser Brody (for the beard).

    Rhodes and his mustache need a solid run as a singles competitor again. Remember, he held the Intercontinental Title for over 250 days.

    A feud with R-Truth does nothing to help Sandow. It only hurts his position.

Will We Eventually See Big E Langston and Ryback Face Off?

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    Yes, at some point, but not just yet. 

    Ryback was hit by the big man in his match with Dolph Ziggler. Ryback eventually won the match. He also got retribution on Langston before getting the victory.

    These are two of the WWE's largest men, and a confrontation is forthcoming. Langston is not ready for that kind of match, and Ryback is still fuming over losses to The Shield.

    When it does happen, it will be epic.

Will We Finally See the Build for The Rock/Cena II Starting Next Week on Raw?

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    We should. This will not be the same kind of build and drama as before.

    This match is more about John Cena getting retribution for the loss in Miami, a place where The Rock would not lose. This time, up north, it is Cena's chance to continue one of the better building storylines in the WWE currently.

    Cena excised one of the demons he had by finally beating CM Punk, with a title or title opportunity on the line Monday night. Now, he must excise the biggest one of all in beating the current WWE champion.

    Finally, the table has been set, and now, all we have to wait for is the main course.