Backlash Preview: Triple H, Batista, and Shane McMahon Vs. Legacy

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 11, 2009

In this article I'm going to break down the match up at Backlash that is Batista, Triple H, and Shane McMahon Vs Legacy.


How we got here

According to the storyline Randy Orton says this all started in Evolution when Triple H betrayed him. He thought that Triple H was his friend, but that was not the case. So Orton vowed to get revenge on him(storyline). Orton wanted to take everything from Triple H that he loves.

So he started with his friend(kinda) a.k.a. Batista by punting him in the head. Next he took out Triple H's father in law, Vince McMahon with yet another punt. Then the next person on the list was Shane. He was the next victim of the punt. Then Orton took out his wife Stephanie with an RKO.

Then eventually all of the McMahons started coming back, but that didn't play that big of a role. The last thing that was left for Orton to take was the WWE title. He had a chance to take that at Wrestlemania, but that was the one thing he couldn't take. 

Orton wanted a rematch for the title. At first Orton was not granted it, instead Vince made it Triple and the McMahon men (Vince and Shane) against Legacy. Later on in the night the new GM of Raw, Vickie Guerrero added the stipulation that which ever team wins that team gets the title(well either Triple H or Orton does). 

So Orton had a rematch against Triple H, but his plans took a turn for the worse when last Monday Night Raw, Batista made an unexpected return. With that Vince took himself out of the match and put Batista in it instead.

For once the WWE managed to make a great storyline.


The Match

This match will be nothing less than intense I can tell you that. This match has all you can ask for. It has an amazing heel, a big fan favourite, an animal of a wrestler, the future of the business and a McMahon (lol).

This match is will be nothing less than exciting which is why there's no way I'm missing it. I don't know about you, but this is a must see matchup.


The Breakdown

This is how I think it'll happen...

Shane McMahon starts off against Cody Rhodes.

Cody tires out Shane and tags in Ted.

Shane manages to fight Ted off long enough to tag in Batista.

He delivers a big Spinebuster.

Ted is able to tag Orton after a cheap-shot to Batista.

Orton and Batista go at it for a while until Batista makes the tag to Triple H.

Triple H takes apart Orton until Orton starts fighting back tags Cody.

Triple H manages to tag a fresh Batista

Batista with the help of Triple H and Shane McMahon takes apart Legacy and Batista Bombs Rhodes and pins him 1, 2, 3.

Triple H retains.


In the end Triple H retains the title and once again shows his dominance over Orton. That's what I think. How about you?