Richard Hamilton's Amazing Birthday Cake Is Way Better Than Yours

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 25, 2013

Via Instagram ripcity3232
Via Instagram ripcity3232

Richard Hamilton turned 35 a few days back and with that came the realization that the Chicago Bulls start one of the oldest shooting guards in the NBA, and he received one of the coolest cakes you'll ever come across.

My birthday cake. Can u believe that everything u see is cake. #holdat #cv4life

— Rip Hamilton (@ripcityhamilton) February 24, 2013

It has four versions of Hamilton, two Detroiters, a Washington Rip and the current Bulls Rip in all his bald glory sitting around a poker table with various reminders of his career scattered around the delicious, cake-y room.

Of course there's Rip's trademark mask lying on the ground, comically over-sized when compared to the size of the heads of each Rip, a Jordan shoe (which Rip has been wearing for his entire career) with the box, his championship ring from the 2003-04 season with the Detroit Pistons and a plaque commemorating his 51-point game against the New York Knicks from back in 2004, a very nice touch.

That's it, right? Hamilton officially has the coolest cake in the history of the Chicago Bulls, and it's not even close.

Well, I suppose it's a bit closer than you would think the contest to be.

In case you've forgotten like everybody else, Taj Gibson was actually given a cake made in homage to his monstrous dunk over Dwyane Wade from the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals for his 27th birthday.

Now, Hamilton's treat still takes the cake—you knew that was coming—for best-looking basketball-based desert, but I'm digging the trends that's been set with the players on the Bulls getting a cake commemorating them for any kind of celebration.

I'm waiting to see a cake of Derrick Rose intently frowning during the 2012 All-Star Game, one of Carlos Boozer's spray-on hair from various points last season, and one dedicated to the beet-red face of Tom Thibodeau after a blown defensive possession.