Debate: Is Golden State a Better Team Without Bogut?

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Debate: Is Golden State a Better Team Without Bogut?

The Warriors have played the majority of the season without Andrew Bogut. They've struggled incorporating him into the lineup and have played pretty well without him. All that being said, is Golden State a better team without the Australian big man?


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Everybody knows boguts defense is great, so do his teammates with him they can be dark horses for the title the reason why we are losing with him is b...
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No way, they are better with him I don't care what the records say with and without him. If u watch the games he plays he has an impact in the post de...
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YES...until they find a way to work him into the system. They've lost games trying to run the offense through him which they aren't accustomed to lead...
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bogut is a clutter fak on the roster. Everyone thought the warriors were not going to win another game when bogut got hurt- early in the season. But t...
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With only a few games under Boguts belt, you would have to say yes. It seems that his movement when playing defense always seems to be late. Don't get...
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