The Premier League's 10 Strangest Injuries

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 25, 2013

The Premier League's 10 Strangest Injuries

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    Plenty of Premier League footballers love the camera, but Robin van Persie probably isn't one of them at the moment.

    The Dutchman's chances of participating in Manchester United's home Champions League tie with Real Madrid have been severely hampered after colliding with a TV camera during Saturday's victory at QPR.

    With RVP's unfortunate affliction in mind, here are ten of the most unusual injuries from the English top flight...

Dave Beasant's Salad Cream Calamity

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    Wimbledon FC FA Cup hero Dave Beasant—the first goalkeeper to captain a side at an FA Cup Final, and the first to save a penalty—missed the first two months of the 1993/94 season with Chelsea after dropping a jar of salad cream on his bare foot.

    By trying to prevent the jar from smashing when it fell to the ground, Beasant severed the tendon in his big toe.

    He was sold to Southampton shortly afterwards.

Rio Ferdinand's TV Tragedy

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    Rio Ferdinand is being lined up for a number of TV jobs when he retires, but the defender has a mixed relationship with the small screen.

    While at Leeds in 2001, Ferdinand strained a tendon behind his knee after resting his foot on a coffee table during a TV-watching session.

    So, when your mother told you hours of watching television was bad for your health, she might have been right.

Allan Nielsen's Eye Poke Problem

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    Tito Vilanova may be the recipient of the most famous eye gouge in football history, but former Tottenham midfielder Allan Nielsen damaged his peeper in a much more embarrassing fashion.

    The Danish international once had to miss several matches when his daughter poked him in the eye.

    Incidentally, a similar injury was suffered by Coventry City's Youssef Chippo when he was poked in the eye during a goal celebration. "How stupid can you get?" asked the baffled Sky Blues manager Gordon Strachan.

Richard Wright's Sign Setback

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    While with Everton, goalkeeper Richard Wright was warming up for a match at Chelsea in the 2005-06 season, paying no attention to a sign placed in the goal mouth kindly warning him not to practice there.

    He probably should have paid closer attention to the sign, as he tripped over it, twisted an ankle and had to miss the game.

    Wright was no stranger to dumb injuries, however, as he had ruled himself out of action three years previously after incapacitating himself putting suitcases in his attic.

Darius Vassell's Drill Disaster

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    Former England forward Darius Vassell has not played since suffering an ACL injury in 2012, but he took his health into his own hands in 2007 after discovering a blood blister under a toe nail.

    Rather than take the issue to one of Aston Villa's highly trained medical staff, Vassell used an electric drill to try and burst the blister. The hair-brained plan caused an infection that required the toe nail to be completely removed.

Liam Lawrence Dogged by Ankle Accident

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    Winger Liam Lawrence was able to deftly manoeuvre his way through defences while playing at Stoke, but he lacked similar navigation skills when his pet dog was involved.

    During the 2008-09 season, Lawrence tripped over his labrador on the stairs, injuring his ankle to the extent that it required surgery to repair a ligament.

Leroy Lita's Stretching Shocker

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    Leroy Lita's march towards the exit while playing for Reading began in August 2007 with a bizarre injury.

    On one fateful morning, the striker got out of bed, stretched and promptly damaged a leg muscle. The most incredible part of this unlikely tale is that Lita didn't try to save face by telling everyone he picked up the injury in a different kind of bedroom activity.

    Regardless, he missed several weeks of matches and then found himself loaned out to Charlton.

Kieron Dyer's Pole Pileup

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    Kieron Dyer's career has been plagued by niggling injuries, but one he picked up in 2006 was pretty unconventional.

    The former England midfielder was training with his Newcastle teammates when he turned abruptly and poked himself in the eye with a marker pole. He was ruled out of training and matches for two weeks.

David Batty's Tricycle Trouble

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    One would imagine that the most forgettable moment of David Batty's career was the penalty miss that prevented England from progressing to the quarterfinals of France '98.

    However, the tough-tackling midfielder was recovering from an ankle ligament injury at Leeds United when his three-year-old daughter ran over his foot with a tricycle—which led to even more time on the injury table.

Julio Arca's Jellyfish Japes

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    For some reason, Argentinean defender Julio Acra deemed it a good idea to go for a swim in the bitter-cold North Sea after a beach training session with Sunderland. 

    The plan backfired when Arca was stung in the chest by a jellyfish, causing an allergic reaction that required hospital treatment. "You certainly can't plan for this," mused his manager Mick McCarthy.