MLB 2K13: New Features We Can't Wait to See

Nathan TesslerCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2013

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After the success of last year’s MLB 2K12, MLB 2K13 will be better than ever.

The recently released official trailer showcases the smoother gameplay, commentary from Steve Phillips, Gary Thorne and John Kruk, as well as many new additions to the in-game experience. This includes the appearance of Manny Machado, the Houston Astros in the American League and the Upton brothers in Atlanta.

If you want to see stars David Price, C.J. Wilson and Giancarlo Stanton saying rejected taglines for 2K13, that is also available. 

Price, the AL Cy Young winner in 2012, will be the cover boy for 2K13. 2K Games released an early screenshot of Price at Fenway Park in 2K13. Even from a single picture the level of detail on the new game is stunning, but Red Sox fans should be a bit worried at the empty Green Monster seats!

The $1,000,000 Perfect Game Challenge is also back.

This year will be different, though. The prize pool is $750,000 spread over all 30 MLB team leaderboards. Then the top four overall will compete at this year’s All-Star Weekend for the $250,000 grand prize.

Price himself wants you to use him in 2K13 to win the challenge, as he laughs in the face of fear. But for those West Coast fans, you may support C.J. Wilson’s claim that he’s a better pick than Price since Price has spaghetti arms.

The new game also features the same pitcher/batter interface. 2K’s Total Control Pitching & Hitting is the “benchmark” of the 2K series and is certainly here to stay. MLB: The Show has yet to find a way to compete with this revolutionary control, and their pitching experience does not compare.

Sony has promised to make hitting less difficult for The Show, which has been a flaw with its series.

But 2K Games will bring back the core of 2K12’s experience, including the My Player, MLB Today and Franchise modes. MLB 2K13 will again rely heavily on Inside Edge & Stats Inc., which will provide gamers with the most in-depth data and scouting reports on every player. Considering the game also retains Dynamic Tendencies, these scouting reports become even more integral to creating an authentic experience and fluctuating player ratings with each pitch.

However, for those looking for revolutionary additions to the game, you are out of luck.

Part of this is because 2K12 was originally the final edition on the licensing agreement between 2K Games and MLB. But MLB shockingly announced an extension for a 2K13 version, as no other developer would have had the resources to quickly create a new game.

Nevertheless, MLB 2K13 is by no means a throwaway game. 2K Games has created a much more crisp gameplay experience, as well as completely updated the rosters. The game is scheduled for release on March 5, and you would be wise not to miss out on it.