20 Things Katherine Webb Should Do Next

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 25, 2013

20 Things Katherine Webb Should Do Next

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    It's been a few months since ESPN's Brent Musburger thrust Katherine Webb—girlfriend of University of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron—into the national spotlight during the BCS National Championship game in January 2013. 

    The game wasn't even competitive within minutes of the opening kickoff, so Musberger filled a lot of otherwise dead air by fawning over Webb's beauty queen good looks throughout the entire broadcast. He routinely returned to the subject, expressing admiration and envy over McCarron's good fortune in the female companionship department. 

    So yeah, Webb is very beautiful. But if you're surprised people are still talking to her, or are required to still be talking about her, you're not alone. Apparently being attractive, dating a future NFL backup quarterback and attracting the attention of a lusty old man is enough to earn you indefinite fame these days. 

    Webb has already translated her stratospheric rise to fame into a number of moneymaking opportunities that have also kept her firmly planted in the spotlight. She landed a high profile Super Bowl gig with Inside Edition, a spot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and is set to appear in the ABC celeb-reality show Celebrity Diving—a wretched train-wreck in the making.  

    Obviously, Webb is reluctant to step out of the spotlight at this point, but we all know that flame like this is fleeting. Her best bet right now is to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on everything she has going for her.

    I have some pretty surefire ways that Webb can keep this train moving straight through 2013 and beyond.

1. Appear on Dancing with the Stars

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    I can't say that I've seen even a single episode of the ABC reality plague on humanity known as Dancing With The Stars, but I've heard terrible things. That being said, it seems to be a relatively popular event these days and it certainly won't hurt one's career. 

    DWTS routinely attracts A-list Olympians, B-list professional athletes, C-list television personalities, and D-list actors/celebrities. Webb is probably a C-list television personality right now, but a late season run into DWTS could bump her up a grade or two. 

2. Do the ESPN Thing

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    Webb already is already a natural fit in the sports world. She comes from an SEC school. She's dating an SEC quarterback. And she was discovered during the BCS National Championship game. 

    That's why she was asked to cover the Super Bowl for Inside Edition—it was the most obvious way to cash in on her new-found fame. And it kept her in the sphere she's most recognized in. 

    Webb actually did a pretty serviceable job for her first on air broadcasting gig. She showed a lot of potential and not too much in terms of a downside. If she wants to get into broadcasting, she won't have trouble finding work. 

3. Appear in Playboy

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    Within days of finding her way into the national spotlight, rumors started to swirl that Webb may be considering posing for Playboy. Initially she didn't deny them, but ultimately seems to have decided against it. 

    At least for now. That's not to say that she hasn't reserved her right to change her mind about it in the future—should their offer swell to an amount that is simply too large to deny. Or perhaps once her star begins to fade. 

    There's no question that Playboy isn't nearly the widespread popular publication it was in its heyday, but they still pay big bucks to celebrities willing to appear even semi-nude.

    Also, they're considered relatively tame by today's standards, with airbrushed photos. Not like appearing in Hustler magazine or something. (Is Hustler even a magazine?)

4. A Scandalous Magazine Cover

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    If Webb is serious about not doing Playboy, the next best thing is a scandalous magazine cover. In fact, sometimes you can draw just as much attention (if not more) by wearing just the right thing, rather than nothing at all. 

    Just ask former pop princess Britney Spears. For as many times as she turned up in public in various states of undress later in her career, all of that attention pales in comparison to the firestorm of publicity set off by her first Rolling Stone cover. 

    Now, Webb isn't likely to land the cover of Rolling Stone or Esquire at this point, but she's definitely got enough star power to nab the cover of a men's mag like Maxim or FHM. Both of which enjoy testing the boundaries of acceptable levels of nudity. 

5. Do a Scandalous Tell-All Interview

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    Webb probably doesn't strike you as the scandalous type. She certainly doesn't strike me as the scandalous type. But a scandalous magazine cover is best when accompanied by a juicy tell-all interview. 

    Even the most wholesome among us have a few skeletons in their closets, surely Webb has a few stories to tell. She wouldn't even have to reveal much of anything—just a few tidbits to get people on the hook, and then pull back and play coy. 

    Something like that is more likely to generate a sustained buzz anyway. 

6. Find a Celebrity BFF

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    If there's anything more likely to attract attention than one beautiful, famous face—it's two beautiful famous faces. Webb has already got stockpile of stunningly attractive female friends in her life, most of which are likely former (or current) beauty queens. 

    So all she really has to do is add one more to her social circle—one with some name recognition. The options are limitless, but ideally she should stay away from the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. The last thing she wants is to follow their descent into the gutter. 

    A more like-minded lady with something in common is Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. They're both southern. They're both models. They both have quarterbacking men in their lives. Why aren't they friends already?

    Imagine the four of them out on a double date? The interwebs would go crazy for that!

Plan a Big Wedding to A.J. McCarron

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    Despite reports that McCarron was a little uncomfortable with Webb's new-found fame, these two seem like a relatively happy couple.

    They've actually only been dating for a few months, but Webb has said she has dated around in Los Angeles and that McCarron was someone she could see herself being with for awhile. 

    There have even been rumors going around that they are already engaged, although on that front, there has been nothing "official" except denials. 

    Engaged or not, we all know that weddings are a pretty big deal in terms of press coverage. If these two are the real deal, planning a wedding in the months leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft would keep them routinely in the news for the next year.

    Not to mention a couple of standout stars at the draft—think the Tannehill's times 10. Especially if McCarron has another championship year at 'Bama. 

8. Dump A.J. McCarron

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    Obviously nobody here is doubting their love. Remember how I just suggested she marry McCarron in the previous slide? I'm just saying that if things aren't going as well as they seem, dumping him wouldn't be the worst thing for her career. 

    McCarron is adorable and quite obviously a great catch, but he's going to be tied down in Tuscaloosa for the foreseeable future. Webb's college days are behind her for the time being and she's out trying to forge ahead with her career. 

    Plus, she's an Auburn girl—what's she doing dating the quarterback of her Tigers' hated rival Crimson Tide? Sending McCarron packing would open up a lot of possibilities.

9. Move to New York or Los Angeles

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    If Webb truly wants to build a career that will keep her in the public eye, the first thing she needs to do is relocate. Whether or not she dumps McCarron, there isn't much going on for her, career wise, in Alabama.

    She doesn't have to move to New York or Los Angeles permanently, but those are the best cities to get a jump-start in almost any business. Especially if you have the right connections and a level of fame before you get there—as Webb does. 

    Frankly, she seems like more of a California girl than someone who would be at home on the (sometimes) mean streets of the Big Apple.

10. Date Derek Jeter or Blake Griffin

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    Again, totally not pushing the breakup thing, but if she does go that route, Webb should definitely rebound with a hometown hottie in the city of her choosing. 

    Is there any better New York City welcome wagon than Yankees stud, Derek Jeter? He's been the unofficial mayor for over a decade and has dated some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood over the years. 

    Webb showing up on the arm of The Jeet would launch her to previously unthinkable levels of fame. If she's more of the California girl, as I suspect, the Clippers Blake Griffin is certainly a star on the rise in the City of Angels. 

    With the Lakers struggling mightily this season, all eyes are on the Clippers at the moment. And Webb stepping out with one of their stars would mean all eyes are on her too. 

    Anyway! Just a thought. She'd be lucky to have either of them, as they'd be lucky to have her. Everybody wins. 

11. College Speaking Tour

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    This one is a little vague, as I have absolutely no idea what people who do speaking tours of college campuses actually do. But I have it on good authority that a lot of those kids from The Real World and shows of that nature made a pretty good living traveling the country for awhile, speaking to college kids. 

    Probably not so much anymore, as the show's popularity has waned in recent years. But there's always going to be a market for that sort of thing and public speaking gigs like that pay pretty well. 

    Webb is beautiful and successful, and surely she could come up with a far more substantive message to share with a crowd than Teck from The Real World: Hawaii. At least she went to college. 

12. Try the Acting Thing

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    Since Webb has been pursing a career in modeling and seems open to other opportunities in the entertainment industry, it's safe to say that she's probably pondered giving acting a shot at some point. 

    Years of beauty queen pageantry have given her a natural stage presence and an ease in front of the camera that many people never find—look at Kristen Stewart. But it's difficult to break into acting from the outside, so the best time to try is when her name is still out there. 

    Webb isn't likely to land any plum roles right off the bat, but a successful bit part in a well received movie or television show could lead to bigger and better opportunities. 

    If you ask me, she looks more like a (potential) Hollywood leading lady than one of those glum, anorexic fashion models stomping the international runways. 

13. Begrudgingly Appear on the Celebrity Apprentice

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    As vile and generally loathsome as Donald Trump is, the sad fact of the matter is that The Celebrity Apprentice is about as good as it gets over at NBC these days. 

    As long as they keep churning out garbage like Animal Practice and Do No Harm, they're going to be forced to keep putting most of their eggs in The Donald's gold-plated basket. 

    It's hard to say how much this would help her career outside the show, but maybe it could lead to role within the Miss Universe organization down the line. 

    Although, I'm not sure if any job is worth have to occupy the same space as Gary Busey and Bret Michaels' busted weave. Not to mention having to dodge the unwanted advances of a blowhard billionaire donning a dead rat on his head. 

14. Dive into the Modeling Thing

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    Webb has already had some success in modeling, stemming from her successful pageant days. Absolutely no surprise there.

    Seriously—just look at that face. Not that the rest of her is half bad either. I wouldn't be surprised to see her depicted as an angel on the celling of the Sistine Chapel. Okay, maybe I'd be a little surprised. 

    My point is only that perhaps she doesn't need to stray too far from her comfort zone in the next few years because her newfound fame should really give her an edge in the modeling game.

    Within weeks of appearing on ESPN, Webb had already shot a feature for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was fending off Playboy rumors. That's only the tip of the iceberg. She's likely had offers rolling in ever since and can afford to be a little bit picky for the time being.

    If modeling is something she's truly passionate about, this could be a springboard into a modeling contract and lucrative campaigns with various fashion houses. 

15. Branch out into Fashion

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    Modeling is a great way for Webb to get her face out there; walking the runways and appearing on the pages of magazines. But the fashion world offers a lot of other potential to build a personal brand by putting your name on things as well. 

    Branching out will also help build the bank account as well. If she's got any talent for design, Webb could launch her own jewelry or fashion line. And if she doesn't—she could just have someone else do it and put her name on it. Launching a fragrance is pretty big these days as well. 

    Everyone from Spears to Hilton has their own scent (or scents). Wouldn't you rather your girlfriend smell like Webb than Hilton? Yeah, I thought so. 

16. Tap into That Food Network Money

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    Webb seems to have a good rapport with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, which isn't a bad start. For reasons unknown, shows about food are strangely popular these days. Perhaps it has something to do with the obesity epidemic? 

    That being said, she doesn't even have to be a chef—or even a decent cook—to get into this arena. Webb could occupy what I like to call the "Padma Lakshmi" space. Although Lakshmi is actually a bit of a cook in her own right, she's best known as the host of Bravo's Top Chef, which has been airing for years. 

    Cooking shows are premiering left and right, Webb would be a natural to host a Top Chef ripoff on a rival network. Plus—how great would a simmering feud between Lakshmi and Webb be? Purveyors of celebrity gossip would love that. 

17. Write a Book

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    Everyone is writing a terrible book these days, so why couldn't Webb get in on that action? I have no clue what the book would be about, but that's something she and her literary agent can figure out. 

    Maybe she could write a behind-the-scenes tell all about the pageant world. Or some kind of advice book. She's obviously a fan of Dr. Seuss—maybe a children's book? Who knows. 

    All I know is that Snooki from the Jersey Shore has published three books. Seriously—three books. I wouldn't have even thought Snooki could read, let alone write. 

18. Pursue a Pipe Dream

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    Remember all those amazing things you wanted to do when you were younger? Before you grew up and realized that almost nobody gets to do those things for a living and settled into a soul-sucking career in human resources?

    It's a bummer, but most of us will never have a shot to be in a (successful) band, or work at a record company, or drive a race car. Those things just aren't in the cards for most of us normals. But Webb is not a normal. 

    She's young. She's beautiful. She's relatively famous—at least for now. There are very few things that are out of her reach at this moment in time. She could ask to fly a commercial airliner filled with passengers cross country, and Delta would probably let her. 

    So if Webb has ever had any of those pipe dreams, now would be the perfect opportunity to see if she can make one of those happen.

19. Star in Her Own Reality Show

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    This would be the best way for Webb to garner a lot of attention as herself, but without having to dance or deal with Trump. The premise could be based on embarking on a new career or planning a big event—like a wedding. 

    That would give it some focus and limit the scope of what would be exposed. But Webb's life seems pretty interesting at the moment, so a documentary style series following her exploits could be pretty entertaining as well. 

    Webb at the beach with her sexy girlfriends. Webb visiting her alma mater and hanging with the goofy mascot. Webb running into Conan O'Brien randomly at lunch. I'm not much of a reality TV fan, but I might actually watch that. 

20. Get into Politics

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    I actually think this is a really viable option for Webb, assuming she has any interest in politics whatsoever.

    Every time I see her, I think about how at home she would be on Fox News. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just that most of their female anchors and contributors have a very particular look that Webb just happens to posses.

    Maybe she's not conservative—although she is a beauty queen from Alabama, so she probably is. And maybe she doesn't have much experience in the political arena—but Fox allows a little leeway for learning on the job, particularly when you look the part.

    Fox favorite Megyn Kelly actually has a legit background in law, but Courtney Friel has a modeling past and got her start as an entertainment reporter.

    Should Webb have any interest is going this route, I have no doubt that she would find endless long-term success.