NFL Combine 2013: Quarterbacks Who Have Impressed Thus Far

Lucas ParolinCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2013

E.J. Manuel impressed.
E.J. Manuel impressed.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The results are in, and we have the most impressive quarterbacks from 2013 NFL Scouting Combine thus far. 

Let's face it: We knew Geno Smith and Matt Barkley would raise eyebrows, so there's no need to dwell on that. Smith, for one, could well be the No. 1 pick come April. 

But, who are the other signal-callers impressing scouts this year? Let's get right to it.


Matt Scott

The Arizona quarterback got some attention for his athletic skills as soon as he started working out. He featured in the top five among quarterbacks for every category and boasted the top spot in both the three-cone drill (finishing only 0.03 seconds off the combine record) and 20-yard shuttle.

Scott is one of those players who has done no wrong since the end of the season, and his stock just keeps getting higher every day. Also, the quarterback is out to prove that he can do more than just perform amazing athletic feats.

According to Tony Pauline of USA Today, Scott can throw the ball, too:

Scott's draft grade has been ascending since September, and he made another positive impression on scouts at the combine. He looked comfortable and confident on the field Sunday and delivered his passes with speed and accuracy. His timing was a bit off as receivers were waiting on throws, but general managers around the league are excited about Scott's potential after his workout.

So, plenty of work to be done, but this was a nice change of pace for Scott. If he can prove that he can constantly improve his throwing mechanics, timing and (especially) footwork, there is no reason a team should not consider him for the backup quarterback spot.


Tyler Bray

Well, here's the complete opposite side of the spectrum. 

No, Bray is not the finest athletic specimen to ever walk into the NFL combine. But, as far as I remember, a quarterback's most important job is to throw the ball (yeah, is that the way football still works? Oh, great. Just checking. Move along, people). 

And, jeez, have you seen this kid throw the ball? Here is what Sports Illustrated had to say about that:

Say hello to your high-riser at the QB position out of the combine. Bray weighed in at 232, up a whopping 24 pounds from his final game at Tennessee. Like Glennon and Nassib, he’s far from a burner or an option guy, so his high 40 time shouldn’t hinder him too much.

And that’s especially true because Bray zinged the ball (and did so accurately) during drills. There’s definitely room for quarterbacks to rise and fall between now and the draft, and Bray’s weekend work has him trending in the right direction.

As the quote mentions, Bray also impressed by just how much bigger he got. Twenty-four pounds heavier than usual, the former Tennessee player is trying to prove he can take a hit—something he was criticized for in his college days. 

But, finally, you have to like what this kid is saying. In this video by WATE-TV, he admits his off-the-field decisions weren't always the best, but guarantees such behavior is in the past and that he is constantly working to improve that. 


E.J. Manuel

And we're back to the athletic freaks.

So, Manuel didn't really start off with the right foot on Friday when he claimed to be the best quarterback in the class (hum, no). We can at least give him the nod for being confident, right?

But that statement became an afterthought once he started working out.

He was the second-fastest player in his position at the combine, running a 4.65 40-yard dash, and had the highest vertical, too, at 34 inches. Also, worth mentioning, he has the biggest hands out of all QBs in his class.

But, much like Tyler Bray, one has to like what they hear from E.J. Manuel. The former Florida State player has been saying all the right stuff to reporters and scouts, trying to make them understand he is more than just the an athletic monster. The former Seminole stated (via SB Nation):

I did a lot of dropback passing [in Florida State]. It wasn’t like I was in the gun the whole time. I was able to take an under-center snaps. I knew how to do a cadence and things like that. We didn't have a silent count at Florida State. A lot of the small things get overlooked.

The SI blog "Black & Teal" agrees:

Manuel has been improving his draft stock since his last college season ended.  He had an excellent Senior Bowl and now his combine has been solid as well.  His passing session was good and he impressed with a quick 4.65 40 yard dash.  He may be pushing himself into the earlier parts of round two.  If quarterback desperate teams are willing to focus more on his workout tape rather than his film tape, then he has really given himself a boost.

E.J. Manuel is not the best quarterback in the 2013 class, but he is the biggest winner in his position at the combine. That has to count for something.