It's Official, Tribe Fans: The Season Is Over!

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IApril 11, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 06:  Pitcher Cliff Lee #31 of the Cleveland Indians with catcher, Kelly Shoppach #10 against the Texas Rangers during the home opener on April 6, 2009 at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Swept by the Texas Rangers to open 2009...? CHECK!

Drilled by Toronto in the home opener after a four-hour rain delay...? CHECK!

0-5 a very likely and REAL POSSIBILITY...? CHECK!

The worst pitching I have ever seen by any team in their first four games to open a new season...? CHECK!

The Cleveland Sports Anthem "Cleveland Rocks" should be changed to "Cleveland Has Been Getting Rocked" to better represent the current state of the Indians' pitching staff!

The Indians are averaging 5.2 runs per game, which is respectable and SHOULD normally be enough to win a nice, big handful of games.

That, however, can be quite the difficult task when your starting pitchers, and, most recently, your bullpen, stink up the field.

Cleveland opponents (Texas, Toronto to this point) are averaging 10.5 runs per game!

Let me say that again—10.5 runs per game!

Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I did pretty well in math and that equation doesn't, and will NEVER, add up to many wins or much success, and if the trend continues, it's going to be a looooooong season watching this team.


Let's just hope that somehow, someway, Cliff Lee pitches like "Cy Young Cliff Lee" from 2008 and not like "Carl Pavano Cliff Lee" from April 6, 2009!

Boy, oh boy, am I glad I'm not a Browns fan, too, like most of the Tribe fans out there.

I don't think my heart could take two seasons of letdown and disappointment, all within the same calendar year...

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