Watch Derrick Rose Dunk Before Bulls-Thunder Game

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Before the Chicago Bulls endured a nightmare beating at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night, Derrick Rose provided a pretty sweet dream by throwing down an easy two-handed dunk during a pregame workout.

The play had everyone clamoring, as it was the first evidence that some of Rose's otherworldly athleticism might finally be returning:

Mixed emotions aside, it's pretty stunning that Rose suddenly looks as good as he does. Remember, it was only a couple of weeks ago that Chicago's point guard told Sports Illustrated in no uncertain terms that he wasn't able to dunk.

Said Rose: "I know if I could dunk off stride, I know I'd be out there playing. But I can't."

Well, now that the slam is out of the way, what's the holdup? Get out there, D-Rose.

A little digging reveals that whispers were starting to get louder about Rose's fitness and possible impending return over the last few days:

In less than two weeks, the Bulls' potential savior has gone from being unable to dunk to "ready." How does that happen? More importantly, wants to know who's responsible for this miracle:

First of all, good question. And second, whoever it is needs a massive raise.

Yes, it looks like Rose is getting pretty close to his old self. The only thing that would have been any more encouraging than watching him glide to the cup is if the leap had come off of his left leg. You know, the one with the torn ACL.

Sorry to be a buzzkill, but until D-Rose has that same kind of lift in his surgically repaired knee, it might be time to temper the enthusiasm just a tad.

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