7 Moves the Colts Must Avoid in Free Agency

Hayley the Model Sports Fan@@modelsportsfanContributor IIIFebruary 25, 2013

7 Moves the Colts Must Avoid in Free Agency

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    The Colts have a lot of needs that they cannot possibly fill in one offseason, and about $46 million in cap space for 2013.

    The Colts have had a major turnover in the last few seasons. In fact, only four players remain from way back when they won the Super Bowl. There is no reason that this trend should not continue.

    There are a few things that the team should focus on while shopping around free agents this offseason. Here is a list of some of the things that the Colts should avoid in free agency in the 2013 season.

Re-Sign Donnie Avery

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    Some people love Donnie Avery, and others do not. He is inconsistent. He had the worst drop rate in wideouts for the 2012 season. Yes, T.Y. Hilton shared this stat with Avery—but he was a rookie.

    I do not have faith in Avery being a player that needs to be re-signed. Unfortunately, Pep Hamilton is talking as if re-signing Avery is a no-brainer. This is confusing as the one real strength that Avery has is to run deep and therefore stretch the defense—which is less valuable in the new offensive scheme that Hamilton is adapting.

    In short, the Colts can do better. 

Keep Jerraud Powers

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    The Colts are in need of a new cornerback.

    They possess a roster full of specialty guys, when what they really need is a depth cornerback. Vontae Davis shows signs of being better, he just needs some time to improve.

    However, Jerraud Powers is not going to get better with time. Powers has had a continuous career of injuries. Additionally, Powers has had issues adjusting when he is healthy. The Colts would be better off finding a cornerback who has more speed and is better at man coverage.

Avoid Skipping over Anthony Spencer

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     The Cowboys have yet to say whether they will re-sign Anthony Spencer.

    The Cowboys do not have a lot of cap space and Spencer is expensive, but the Colts need a player like Spencer. The team has the money, and if they are going to spend it, it should be on him.

    He would pair nicely with Mathis, and has shown that he can work well opposite a player like Mathis. For example, in Dallas he played well opposite DeMarcus Ware. Mathis is still a great player for the Colts but he needs a more complete player to assist him, such as Spencer. 

    Spend the money.

Avoid Pursuing Jake Long

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    Jake Long was once one of the most recognized and respected players for the Miami Dolphins. He is a former No. 1 overall draft pick and a four-time former Pro Bowl player.

    However, the Dolphins have been silent on whether they will re-sign the left tackle. Jake Long is not worth the several million that he will most likely demand. He has not performed as well in Miami over the last several seasons to indicate that kind of contract. There is no proof that he will suddenly become the star that he formerly was.

    If the team is going to spend money, it would be wiser to do it on Spencer than on Long.         

Avoid Pursuing Greg Jennings

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    Greg Jennings is a free agent this year and has created some serious excitement in the football world.

    Although Jennings has been a standup wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, he should not become a Colt. Jennings has shown talent as a great route-runner with a style similar to Reggie Wayne.

    However, he is entering his thirties, and the Colts do not need to spend an enormous payout on an aging player. For example, Jennings has shown issues with durability. The Colts do not need to take a risk investing the rumored $14 million in Jennings. Other than the risk of his durability, the Colts do not need to seek an expensive wide receiver in free agency. There are bigger holes to fill.

Avoid Dropping Pat McAfee

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    Pat McAfee, the Colts' young punter, should not even be allowed to test the free agency waters.

    He is full of talent, and really coming into his own. McAfee already handles the kickoffs and has expressed interest in taking over as the kicker for the Colts. Additionally, he finished fifth in the NFL for gross punting average in the previous season.

    He may be the Colts' most critical re-signing. 

Avoid Pursuing Reggie Bush, or Any Other Free-Agent Running Back

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    Acquiring a running back through free agency is risky business.

    While the Colts have a solid starter in Vick Ballard, Donald Brown is pretty lackluster. Brown has peaked and we are not going to see a better version than we already have. Additionally, he is not worth his $1.7 million contract.

    When it comes down to it, it would be nice to have a better player to work in tandem with Ballard. When looking at the free agents available (if we are so forced, or just entertaining the idea) one of the big names that comes up is Reggie Bush.

    Bush will most likely not be re-signing with the Dolphins. He wants the Dolphins to show him the money and with Lamar Miller on the team, they are unlikely to do so.

    Reggie Bush to the Colts is not a good move. Despite the fact that his two best statistical years were with Miami and he can be a nice receiving threat, he is not the best player for the team. He is going to be expensive and he is not the right fit for Ballard. Ballard is coming along nicely as a durable power runner. It would be better to pick up a young, fast player late in the draft—NOT that a RB is a priority.