5 Reasons Los Angeles Lakers Should Re-Sign Darius Morris

Tyson AgbayaniCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2013

5 Reasons Los Angeles Lakers Should Re-Sign Darius Morris

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    When news broke last week that the Los Angeles Lakers were trying to unload Darius Morris, I almost lost it. 

    The 22-year-old point guard out of Michigan has shown much improvement from his rookie season and has even given some Lakers fans hope in life after Kobe.

    Although used sparingly since his 17 starts earlier this season, Morris has proven in that time that he is worth the wait.

    Morris' game will continue to evolve over time and he could even become a future star for Los Angeles. With Morris set to become a restricted free agent this summer, the Lakers should be making every attempt to bring him back.

    Here are five reasons the Lakers should re-sign Darius Morris.     

Has Size and Athleticism

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    No matter what kind of drills or practices coaches put their players through, the one thing you can't teach is size. 

    At 6'4" 190 pounds, Morris is one of the bigger point guards in the league and has the athletic ability to complement that. 

    With the extra few inches that Morris possesses, he is able to pester fellow point guards and can even slide down to the shooting guard position. 

    If Morris can learn to exploit his size on offense when playing the point, he could become a serious threat that teams will have to prepare for. The Lakers already have great size on their roster when fully healthy and should look to keep this advantage.

Great Defender

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    One of the biggest impacts Morris has been able to provide for the Lakers has been his play on defense.

    Aside from Kobe Bryant, Morris has been arguably the best defending guard on the squad. Whether guarding another PG or someone even bigger, he has made it a point to constantly disrupt his opponent by giving them as little space as possible.  

    While sometimes Morris does get burned by doing this, the energy that he brings in the process is contagious.

    With defensive guards being limited around the league, the Lakers need to not only keep Morris, but also find ways to get him on the floor so he can be effective. 

Provides Consistent Energy

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    If there is one thing that the Lakers will be guaranteed of whenever Morris takes the floor, it's his energy. 

    In valuable minutes this season, Morris has shown his commitment to the team by giving 100 percent on both ends of the floor.  

    While his energy can sometimes lead to turnovers on the offensive end, it's something that can be fixed with more game-time experience.  

    Morris will only continue to get better, and with mentors like Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant, he could develop into something special.

He's Fearless

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    Some young players worry about failing; Morris isn't one of them.

    Since coming into the league last season, Morris has displayed a confidence in his game beyond his years. Whether it be attacking the basket or embracing the task of guarding the opposition's best player, he has proved that he doesn't shy away from a challenge.

    Unlike many young players, Morris seems to play freely and doesn't fear committing mistakes. While this could sound like a problem to some, the ability to just go out and play without worry is a trait only some players have.

    Morris' mindset is what sets him apart from other young guards and could prove to be the key to unlocking his full potential.

He's a Willing Learner

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    Morris has had the opportunity of learning from the best in the league with the Lakers, and so far, he has completely run with it.

    In just his second year with the team, he has done everything right in terms of learning from his fellow teammates. 

    According to Morris himself, the young guard sought teammate Metta World Peace this offseason in hopes of improving his defense. Along with this lesson from World Peace, Morris has also embraced Kobe as a mentor and has been taken under the superstar's wing.

    Morris has had great attitude and has shown his willingness to learn. If he continues to soak up as much knowledge as he can from his teammates, there is no telling how much he could improve.