WWE Outsmarted Some of the Audience with The Undertaker's Live Event Appearance

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2013

Photo courtesy of @RickWWESignGuy
Photo courtesy of @RickWWESignGuy

You can't get excited about something if you don't know about it―that's my explanation of The Undertaker's appearance at a non-televised WWE live event in Waco, Texas.

I've seen on social media that many fans are shocked by The Undertaker making an unadvertised appearance in a non-televised event and partnering with Sheamus. The legend' s appearance has people talking, and now they're expecting him to appear on Raw tomorrow night, which is taking place in Dallas.

That's what WWE wanted.

The speculation begins about what will The Undertaker do Monday rather than will he show up at all. This engages viewers to watch now that they have that confident feeling The Undertaker will appear on live WWE television for the first time since July.

It's the same theory for when something big happens on SmackDown and WWE spoils it before it airs on Friday. The buzz gets created and people want to see it for themselves.

Think about a traffic accident up the road a few miles. When you sit still in traffic for an hour, by the time you finally have creeped up to the scene of the accident, you stop and look at the accident. You've known for an hour there was some type of accident and that only heightened your interest to see it all for yourself. 

You know there is going to be some type of an appearance by The Undertaker on Raw; now you definitely aren't going to choose some other program on Monday night over Raw. You want to see  him first-hand for yourself.

Some people get mad WWE spoils the shock and surprise of his return, which makes no sense. Let's say that this buzz that's been created brings a million extra viewers to Monday's episode. If WWE didn't have The Undertaker return at the live event, those million extra viewers probably aren't watching live, they aren't watching every segment waiting for him or they aren't watching at all.

Now that we all feel confident The Undertaker will appear on Raw, I don't think that guarantees he's going to be in a match at WrestleMania. I wrote last week that if he isn't going to perform due to physical injury or limitations, then WWE has to give us a storyline explanation. He needs to be attacked or somehow excused in the storyline for not having a match.

With all of this building anticipation, if some heel(s) were to take out The Undertaker on Raw―that's strong heat for the heel(s).

Yes, The Undertaker did work a match at the live event but it was a tag match. It was the perfect situation to protect him from having to do much except his signature spots. So, it doesn't do anything to prove that he's physically capable of having a match up to his expected standard at WrestleMania 29.

Bottom line, this is a win for WWE. It got people anticipating what's going to be seen or done with Jack Swagger. Mr. McMahon versus Paul Heyman. John Cena versus CM Punk with the winner facing The Rock at WrestleMania and now The Undertaker all but officially confirmed for Raw. It's destination programming.

A destination all of The Undertaker fans wouldn't have had confirmation of unless he showed up at a non-televised live event.