10 College Football Coaches We Wouldn't Want to Piss off

Carl StineCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2013

10 College Football Coaches We Wouldn't Want to Piss off

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    Coaches are often some of the most intense participants in any football game.

    This list is all about the guys who are the most intense.

    The 10 men on this list have two things in common, A) they are all coaches at the FBS level B) They are all scary when angry.

    This list is not about the 10 angriest or craziest coaches, but the guys who we would least like to see angry.

    For instance, Mike Gundy is on the list.

    He does not have a reputation, nor is there much documentation, of incredibly childish temper tantrums when angry.

    However, the one incident of his with which we are all familiar was enough to send him down in the annals as a guy who knows how to do angry right.

    I wouldn't want one of those rants directed at me, and I'm guessing most of you wouldn't, either.

    There are some guys on this list who are known for their rages, and have to make this list out of obligation.

    But you might be surprised at some of the others that found their way here.

    Read on to find out.

10. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

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    Steve Spurrier is not on this list because of his on field antics, his filthy tirades or his angry face.

    Although at one point in his career, this might have been the case.

    No, he made this list because he knows how to burn a man, and do it in an extremely humiliating manner, without coming off as out of control or even very passionate.

    Watch the video, and you will see that Spurrier does not like reporters who don't tell the truth, and he is very articulate in making it clear that he will not do interviews with such a person present.

    I would hate to have that kind of calm, calculated ire heading in my direction.

9. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

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    Mike Gundy appears to be a pretty intense guy, but without the penchant for erupting that we see with some others on this list.

    That said, the point of this list is to point out the coaches we would least like to make unhappy, and Gundy definitely belongs on that list.

    His famous rant is absolutely epic, going down in press conference history as one of the greatest of all time.

    There are few documented instances of Gundy losing his cool, but this one was enough to earn him a spot on the list.

8. Nick Saban, Alabama

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    A.J. McCarron was one of the top quarterbacks in the nation during the 2012 season, leading his Alabama team to a BCS title game, his second in as many seasons.

    However, before this feat, McCarron was just a lowly backup, getting an earful from one of the scariest men in college football, head coach Nick Saban.

    Saban always seems to be mad: after a season-opening win over Clemson in 2008, after a missed penalty call by the refs, after a Gatorade bath—seemingly all the time, the man is seething with pent-up anger.

    I guess it works, as he has now won four BCS titles, and three out of the last four, but who wants to go through life looking like the guy in line at the supermarket behind the extreme coupon lady?

7. Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati

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    Judge for yourself, denizens of the interweb.

    Did Tommy Tuberville make contact with this assistant's face last season during a sideline tirade?

    And even if he didn't is not the motion, along with enough contact to knock off a hat/headset a bit over the line?

    Apparently Cincinnati didn't think so, as Tuberville is now the head coach there, but a man who doesn't usually appear to be a hothead sure let it all go with this one act.

6. George O'Leary, UCF

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    When a man gets angry at someone for being correct, it demonstrates at least a small level of insanity, if only a modicum.

    And who wants someone who is unstable angry at them?

    That's not to say O'Leary is unstable, but he is certainly a hothead of the first degree.

    Back in 2009, O'Leary got angry at Bright House Network's reporter, George Bauman, for accurately reporting that UCF's starting quarterback and running back would be out for one of the team's games.

    The crazy thing was, Bauman was correct, and yet after the game, in which neither player participated, O'Leary threatened not to talk to the media, simply because Bauman was present.

    I'd hate to be wrong around O'Leary; he might blow a gasket.

5. Mike Stoops, Defensive Coordinator, Oklahoma

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    Stoops make this list with the dubious honor of being the only assistant to find his way here.

    He's currently the defensive coordinator for his brother, Bob, at Oklahoma.

    During his time as head coach at Arizona, Mike threw the fit of the century, which helped earn his way onto this list.

    He combines all the needed characteristics to be one the angriest coaches in college football: profanity, incredibly angry body language and the potential to harm an official when upset.

4. Mike Leach, Washington State

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    Leach is famous for profanity-laced rages, at least he was during his last coaching stint at Texas Tech.

    And if that's not bad enough, it's always tough dealing with an angry person using foul language, so he would not be a pleasant man to have angry at you.

    But then, he tops it off with a level of sarcasm that takes him to elite status.

    He once blamed a Texas Tech loss on the players' "fat little girlfriends."


    There may have been a focus issue with the team, no doubt, but that's just a step further than it really needs to go.

3. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame

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    Brian Kelly had every right to be angry at the Irish in 2011.

    It seemed like the team was constantly imploding, falling apart and losing games it should win by virtue of too many penalties and turnovers.

    That said, Kelly was going berserk in the first game of the season, a game which the Irish lost to South Florida, 23-20.

    Kelly's profanity laced tirade (NSFW) on the sideline during this loss led to calls for his job.

    Since then, he seems to have toned it down a bit on the sideline, or at least the cameras have avoided him, but that's easy to do when you go undefeated, as the Irish did in 2013.

    Even so, he still has one of the best stares in college football, enough to scare even the most hardened college football player into rethinking his career choices.

2. Bo Pelini, Nebraska

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    Sometimes it feels as if Pelini gets a bad rap.

    After all, every coach is intense, but all are not caught on national television berating their quarterbacks.

    Pelini is rarely caught smiling on cameras, and his mood appears to be almost always equivalent to one a drill sergeant might sport.

    Who else in college football has earned the right to be compared to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

    “@notsampeshek: Bo Pelini looks like Lord Voldemort when he gets angry...Think about it.” #Voldemort twitter.com/leahbryson7/st…

    — Leah (@leahbryson7) January 2, 2012

    And that stare...it's chilling.

1. Will Muschamp, Florida

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    In this video, we see coach Muschamp going absolutely ballistic watching his team play against lowly Florida Atlantic.

    This was his first game as head coach of the Gators.

    And that was on a mild day.

    Muschamp's former Texas players dubbed him "Coach Blood" after he scratched his face while violently ripping his headset off his face in his first game as the 'Horns defensive coordinator, but kept right on coaching.

    Back in 2007, in Muschamp's final season as Auburn's defensive coordinator, ESPN crews forgot to "bleep" a tirade, resulting in this gem (NSFW) after a stop by his defense.

    The man is intense, and obviously one of the angriest guys in football, making Bo Pelini look like something of a choir boy.