The Cub Killer Ryan Braun: Why I Hate, But Appreciate Him

Owen StifflerContributor IApril 11, 2009

He's a Cub killer, plain and simple. 

Aside from Manny, Ryan Braun is the scariest man in the MLB, from a Cubs fan standpoint that is. He's a great player but when he plays the Cubs, he's a really great player. 

When he steps to the plate, I expect nothing less than a double in the gap and almost always anticipate a home run.

And that's why I hate that damn Brewers left fielder. 

But there's no escaping a feeling of appreciation for the guy as well.

He's torn it up since he's made a name for himself with the Brewers. Instead of taking a large contract and moving to a large-market team when his contract ran out though, he resigned for an average amount to stick with the Brewers.

And as much as a hate the guy, I appreciate that.

I can see why he's the pride and joy of Wisconsin baseball. Not only is he an exceptional player, but he's a down to Earth, playing for the team, doesn't care about the money type of guy. 

Go on and kill the Cubs Braun, you've earned my respect. 

But I still hate you.