Team Hell No Should End Now

Drake OzSenior Writer IIFebruary 25, 2013

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The sun has set on Team Hell No.

In the summer of 2012, Kane and Daniel Bryan came together to form one of the oddest duos in WWE history after a lengthy feud with one another. They would go on to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions that September and have held the titles ever since then. 

But six months later, it’s becoming quite clear that Team Hell No shouldn’t be a team anymore.

Though the duo has had a fantastic run as one of the most entertaining acts in pro wrestling, the tag team division is no longer the deep division it was just a few short months ago.

Epico and Primo have turned into jobbers, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio are currently off TV, 3MB is a joke, Team Rhodes Scholars is (kinda, sorta) finished and the Prime Time Players are essentially no more because Darren Young is reportedly out for several months with a knee injury.

Just like that, the once-promising tag team division is all but finished. Bryan and Kane are still the WWE Tag Team Champions, but they are the champions of a division that barely even exists these days. 

For some reason or another, WWE has quickly put an end to its supposed tag team rejuvenation, and while it’s a shame to see that happen, Team Hell No shouldn’t be forced to suffer from it.

There’s no doubt that Kane and Bryan have provided us with some of the most memorable WWE moments of the last year or so, nor is there any doubt that Kane has seen his career be revitalized thanks to his partnership with a man who was once (and in way, still continues to be) his main rival. 

But at what point does the WWE realize that Team Hell No are the champions of nothing and decide to have Kane and Bryan go their separate ways? Right now, that’s when.

While it would be unfortunate to see the tag team division die before it ever really had a chance to live, WWE has reached a point where it might as well cut its losses and blow up the division.

There’s no real benefit to keeping Kane and Bryan together as the WWE Tag Team Champions when there is literally almost no legitimate team left for them to feud with.

The longer that Team Hell No stays together, and the longer the duo holds the titles, the more this becomes a case of Kane and Bryan being held back from bigger and better things. 

Based on their involvement in the No. 1 contender’s Elimination Chamber match at that pay-per-view, it’s painfully obvious that WWE needs Kane and Bryan in the singles scene much more than it does in a tag team division that doesn’t really matter anymore.

Kane has shown that, even in his 40s, he can still go. The Big Red Monster still has a lot of value as a singles star and is someone who makes those around him much better, especially when working with the right opponent.

While logic says that another extended main event or world title run is probably out of the question for Kane, he deserves better than having absolutely no direction like he currently has as one half of Team Hell No.

Similarly, Daniel Bryan has long been viewed as someone who is ready to reenter the main-event scene as a singles star. 

For the first eight months of 2012, Bryan was arguably the most entertaining performer in all of pro wrestling. He dominated both the World Heavyweight and WWE title scenes for much of that span, and he was ridiculously good throughout it.

The vast majority of fans can agree that Bryan has evolved into one of WWE’s top performers and most popular babyfaces, and as a result, he’s widely considered to be worthy of another run as a main-event singles star.

He cannot do that if Team Hell No sticks together. 

As long as Bryan and Kane continue to be tag team partners and hold onto the WWE Tag Team Championship, there is going to be no real room for advancement for either guy. They will contain to put on good matches and entertain, but they will not benefit from being the centerpiece of a dying tag team division.

If they drop the titles and part ways, they can still put on great matches and they can still entertain. They’ll just do it on their own instead.

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