WWE's WrestleMania and Halftime Shows: Myth or Imminent Reality?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIMarch 10, 2013

WWE's WrestleMania and Halftime Shows: Myth or Imminent Reality?

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    It is WrestleMania season!

    You can smell it in the air and feel it in your bones. April 7th is fast approaching and with it perhaps some of the best matches the WWE Universe will have seen in a long time.

    With CM Punk vs. Undertaker up there with the Rock-Cena II program, who knows what record can be broken that night?

    This "Super Bowl" of pro wrestling has all the tools it needs to exceed all expectations. It is already a worldwide phenomenon and has even reached the attention of top movie stars and presidents.

    Every year, numerous personalities join WWE in its quest to make their No. 1 show the best in the business. 

    They sit ringside, they accompany performers to the ring and some have even donned some trunks to battle the enemy in the middle of the ring. Talk about a personal approach.

    What if, however, this company began something new this year? What if it followed the Super Bowl's example and had a halftime show of its own?

    Now there's a killer idea!

    WWE with its own halftime show? Must be a myth! Impossible! Or is it?

    These are competitive times. The corporate heads over there in Stamford must not overlook the possibility of adding this new spice to the program.

    What would this new reality mean for the galactic WrestleMania show? What would it mean to the fans?

    Let's see now...

The Element of Surprise

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    Whether it is the Super Bowl or up here with the now famous "Festival d'été de Québec," people are always excited to hear who will be at these amazing shows.

    In the last few years, the big shows have been outdoing themselves every time by bringing in top names to perform.

    Madonna, Beyoncé, the Rolling Stones...all have delivered breathtaking performances that have reached the limits of imagination and broken several attendance and rating records.

    Nobody knows who will be at the next show, but waiting on a decision is almost as awesome as the show itself.

    WWE should capitalize on that and integrate a halftime show of its own so that people can get even more hot for WrestleMania.

    The 30th edition is next year, after all, so there is no better time to start this new venture.

    On the Quebec City show, laugh while you can, but in the last few years, the city has managed to lure in Metallica, the Black-Eyed Peas, Sarah McLachlan, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney and Madonna on the plains of Abraham.

    It helped put this magical place on the map even more, and so there is no telling what this could do for WWE and WrestleMania.

Non-Wrestling Fans Would Tune in as Well

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    WWE is not just about wrestling anymore.

    It is an empire that reaches into books, film, sports, etc. It is entertainment at its finest, and for them to expand the WrestleMania franchise into music as well would be the beginning of a whole new era.

    This is just like the single WWE fan convincing his non-wrestling buddies to join in the 'Mania party, only on a more global field.

    For the last two years, there was a lot of "Hey, did you hear there is a football game at the Madonna/Beyoncé concert?" out there.

    Many people would have overlooked the Super Bowl were it not for the amazing performers scheduled for halftime. The Show of Shows would be no different.

    How many laugh at the thought of watching "wrestling"? Could they be convinced if they knew their favourite singer or group was rocking the grandest stage of them all?

    It is all about ratings, money and being bigger, better and badder. WWE must consider this option to reach the hearts of the millions out there who turn away from this product.

A Beneficial Move for All Parties

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    The music industry has suffered a lot in the last two decades with the arrival or the Internet and illegal downloading.

    Certainly, WWE and all pay-per-views suffer from streaming as well. Nothing can really be made to counter that it seems as no matter how many sites have been shut down, countless more surface right after.

    Why not draw upon each other's strength and create a magical moment nonetheless?

    The really smart superstars have found a loophole that helps counter the thieves out there in some way.

    With the LIVE performances and world tours, artists such as Madonna and Celine Dion—not to mention Coldplay—have broken records and made millions in revenue. No matter how many CDs you steal via illegal download, if you aren't at the shows, you have nothing!

    Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing more awesome than seeing your favourite artist singing and dancing right before your eyes. It is pure magic.

    WrestleMania is a spectacle, and it needs to get out there and touch the hearts and minds of people.

    Music is magic and cuts through sadness like a knife. Why not pair up to really create something wonderful?

    On a comical side note—how much would you pay to see Lady Gaga get Glam-Slammed? Or would you love to see Justin Beiber receive a World's Strongest Slam?

    It can happen someday. Who knows?

WrestleMania Is Four Hours Long

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    Four hours is a long time, and just recently, Stephanie McMahon announced (via SEScoops) that the WM pre-show would be one hour and would include many fan interactive elements that could affect the show itself.

    That is now a five-hour show. Ugh!

    People need a break—and no, it is not when the Divas come on! Divas are cool.

    If an incredible match happens around the two-hour mark, then automatically the crowd ends up having less energy the following match. It is only natural that people need to recharge their batteries, so to speak.

    Insert the halftime show.

    The perfect way to revive a crowd and get them ready for the second and more important part of the wrestling show.

    Keeping the fans on the edge of their seat every second should be WWE's No. 1 priority, especially at the Show of Shows. WrestleMania is not your average event, and it needs to be exciting at all times.

Just Imagine the Possibilities

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    Are you ready?

    Hey Mr. McMahon put an artist on, we wanna dance with our baby.

    Madonna said it best. Music makes people come together, and if she and others like U2 and Beyoncé break all-time audience records then this is what WWE must do.

    How many more fans could this new partnership/experience could be lured into the universe?

    No one should put anything past Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They are the fresh blood this company needs to lead this business into the future.

    There is no limit to what can be achieved.

    Superstars and music artists can also be paired up to create something very special. All anyone has to do, as a member of the WWE Universe, is believe.

Anything Can Happen in WWE

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    It is WrestleMania season, boys and girls...time to set the world on fire!

    The energy, the power. Music and WrestleMania are magic. There is nothing like it.

    WWE lives and breathes by the moniker "Anything Can Happen," therefore one should never, ever discard the possibilities of having any sort of act inserted into the long card.

    All eyes are on this company right now. With Rock vs. Cena for the title and Taker set to face the best in the world, CM Punk, the odds of making this year's edition one of the best ever are definitely in WWE's favor.

    All one has to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

    It has only just begun. A new era has definitely come, and the lucky ones who believe will be in for quite a treat.

    This is no myth, it is not the start of a new rumor. It will be a reality.