WWE Music: 6 Reusable Themes

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WWE Music: 6 Reusable Themes
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Many times, WWE will have a Superstar debut and we'll get some generic rock/rap music for them, until one of two things happens. Either they get over or they get a gimmick. A good example would be Drew McIntyre. His main theme upon his actual re-debut was "Seeing Red." Of course this was later changed to "Broken Dreams."

Sometimes the themes are original productions, but from time to time, we get a theme that has been used by a past star. One such instance would be Brodus Clay using "Somebody Call My Momma" which was originally used by Ernest Miller. Personally, I have no problem with this, but I'm a bit irked by the fact WWE has a pretty extensive music library. With some superstars, a lot of times a change in theme could help lead to better things.

This leads me to the point of this article. These themes have been used by different superstars, who've been away from the WWE for a number of years. While I do think an original theme does help, sometimes using another superstar's music simply fits (such as the case with Clay). These seven themes are all tunes I think could be used by WWE superstars on the roster.

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