Something Amiss with the Florida Marlins: Great Scouting or Great Scandal?

Matt FanningCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 3:  Alex Rodriguez #13 of the Dominican Republic shares a laugh with second baseman Dan Uggla #6 of the Florida Marlins during an exhibition game at Roger Dean Stadium March 3, 2009 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Develop, use, trade, and start over. That's the unofficial Florida Marlins team motto. 

We all know and appreciate that the Florida Marlins consistently have great young talent. But at some point, you have to wonder how the heck they got all this talent.

Sure, when you trade away anyone that gets too expensive for prospects, at least one of those prospects will probably pan out. But what are the chances of one of these guys becoming the top player in the game?

Fantasy owners don't care where Hanley Ramirez's production came from, but they sure as hell are glad it's there. Just about 30 home runs in each of the past two seasons. But when you look at this guy's minor league stats, he never hit more than eight home runs in a season.  Wow, that has to be natural.

Come on, let's get real here. No one goes from belting out under 10 home runs against minor league pitching to crushing 30 home runs in one season against the big boys.

This remind you of anyone? Oh yeah, there's that shortstop who went from hitting 20 home runs in the minors to 50 in the majors. 

Still not ringing a bell? Convicted steroid abuser Alex Rodriguez, more commonly known as A-Roid, had a similar jump as Hanley.

Don't even get me started on Dan Uggla. Acquired through the Rule 5 Draft, this guy is just a hitting machine. Look at this guy's stature: He's listed at 5'11'', 190 pounds, but he looks more like 5'6'', 210 pounds.

This guy's forearms look about as natural as Pam Anderson's breasts.  No way this guy's clean.

As we look at others in the organization, more questions arise.

How did Jorge Cantu seem to find his power so quickly after being injured for two straight seasons? Why's this Emilio Bonifacio guy, who couldn't stick anywhere, crushing the ball all of a sudden?  How the heck did Dallas McPherson hit 42 home runs at AAA last year? Why did Dontrelle Willis burn out so quickly? 

I'll leave it up to you, the reader. Is this a well-run organization or is there something going on behind the scenes? 

If you ask me, there are way too many questions for this squad to be clean.