Rousey vs. Carmouche Fight Card : 5 Things to Watch for in Anaheim

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIFebruary 23, 2013

Rousey vs. Carmouche Fight Card : 5 Things to Watch for in Anaheim

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    A history-making UFC 157 forecasts great standup wars, thrilling finishes (armbar, anyone?) and eventual No. 1 contendership.

    However, the most notable storyline heading into this pay-per-view is easily the first women's fight in UFC history. Still there are many compelling facets and outcomes for fight fans to keep an eye on heading into this bout.

    Each fight on the card tells a unique story. Fighters such as Robbie Lawler, Court McGee and Josh Neer are all facing a possibility of getting cut, while Urijah Faber, Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida fight for future title shots.

    But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are five aspects for UFC 157 that fans should keep an eye on.

Koscheck's Top Game

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    Let the dry humping begin. Sigh, insert sad emoji here.

    Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler honestly could be the best fight of the night. Both men possess incredible one-punch knockout power, so a striking battle between the two would be a lot of fun.

    Unfortunately for UFC fans, a striking battle is unlikely to occur. Why would it when Koscheck has a significant advantage in the wrestling department?

    Lawler is undoubtedly a big welterweight, but come on, this is Koscheck we're talking about here. If Koscheck wants to take this to the mat, he can in a heartbeat. His takedowns are that explosive.

    Hope for punches and kicks in the first bout of the evening. But don't get your hopes too high. To avoid disappointment, one should expect a three-round Koscheck wrestling match.

Elbows from Neer

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    Neer is fun to watch, isn't he?

    Heck, McGee is too. That's why McGee vs. Neer has a great chance to win fight of the night at UFC 157.

    Both men are brawlers. So a simple game of give and take is likely to occur inside the Octagon between both competitors.

    As both men come within striking distance, look for Neer to utilize one of his greatest weapons—elbows. Neer will likely implement the same type of game plan he had against Keith Wisniewski back in 2011.

    McGee will most certainly want to brawl, and that opens the door for Neer to get in close and land slashing elbows.

Faber Campaigning for a Title Shot

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    It's about that time again.

    The past four years of Urijah Faber's career have occurred as so: Fight for the title, lose, win impressively, fight for the title again, lose, win two impressive fights, fight for the title, lose, win impressively, fight for the title again and lose.

    See the pattern? It's time for Faber to have yet another resounding win against a highly-respected fighter. Ivan Menjivar is that guy. He will be no easy victory for Faber, but should Faber perform to his abilities, he should walk away the victor.

    The post-fight interview is what fans should pay attention to though. Because of his name, Faber is always in contention for the title, and should he win and call somebody out, he could easily slip right back into the title picture.

    But hey, don't hate the player, hate the game.

Henderson's H-Bomb

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    It's been too long since we've seen an H-bomb from Dan Henderson.

    Time and time again, Henderson has floored his opponent with a deadly overhand right. The last time fans saw one of these classic punches was at UFC 139, when Henderson sent Mauricio "Shogun" Rua to the canvas.

    That took place in 2011. That's right folks, we've gone over a year since seeing an H-Bomb. Henderson is likely to fix that against Lyoto Machida.

    Machida has an evasive style that can frustrate fighters, but if Henderson takes a page out of the book of his last opponent and presses the action, he just may catch Machida.

    Rua caught Machida in 2010 to become the new light heavyweight champion. If Henderson pressures Machida and loads up that overhand right, he could land another H-Bomb to earn himself a light heavyweight championship bout.

Another Rousey Armbar Victory

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    Why predict anything other than an armbar victory for Rousey?

    Furthermore, why would anybody look for anything but an armbar attempt from Rousey? Everyone is expecting it, and once Rousey grabs hold to Carmouche and plants her flat on her back, fans will inch closer to the edge of their seat.

    It's almost inevitable.

    All of Rousey's professional MMA fights have ended in the first round with an armbar stoppage, and she's beaten great grapplers such as Miesha Tate with it.

    So why should her fight against Carmouche be any different? Watch for Rousey try to gain wrist control on the ground. It's all academic from there.