Batista Back: Makes Monday Night Raw Return

Nathan MigeulCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

As you all know Batista returned on Monday Night Raw, and I for one am ecstatic.

I can't wait too see him up against Orton again. I also love him being on the same side with Triple H. Especially since they have such great chemistry together.

I really loved the way they brought him back. Randy Orton is just pounding Triple H when you hear Batista's music come on and guess who it is?

Then he runs to the ring, spears Orton and attacks Rhodes and Dibiase. Gets rid of Dibiase, then gives Rhodes a spinebuster and Batista Bomb. I was literally out of my seat (couch same thing). Like I said I loved it!

As for Backlash, I think Triple H will retain the title. I mean with a healthy Batista back, I think the writers are going to make him be the cause of HHH retaining. Which I love!

Anyway what do you think?