NFL Draft: Should the Dallas Cowboys Draft Tony Romo's Successor This Year?

Michael PizzutilloCorrespondent IIIFebruary 22, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 11: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, center, talks with broadcaster and former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, left, and CEO, Stephen Jones, right, before the start of their game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on November 11, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Tony Romo is still the man in Dallas, but should the Cowboys consider drafting his future replacement in the upcoming draft?

The Cowboys have numerous needs to fill beginning with offensive line, defensive line, safety and running back and at least one of these positions will be addressed in the first rounds—barring any trades.

Surely, Rounds 1 through 3 will be the flashy focal points, but the later rounds are where draft picks could make a difference for the Cowboys, specifically at quarterback.

According to ESPN, Troy Aikman admires the philosophy of the Green Bay Packers, who have drafted 12 quarterbacks since 1992. This is a vast difference to the Cowboys' draft history, who have drafted three since Troy Aikman's retirement.

Aikman continues saying, "To bring a guy in essentially every season, whether you draft him in the fourth round or fifth round or third round, whatever it might be. I think there's something to be said for that."

The theory makes sense, but can the Cowboys afford to select a QB late in the draft? More importantly, is there a player worth drafting?

Romo, who will be turning 33 this April, is still one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league, despite his depressing playoff record. Still, now may be the time to consider developing a "mentor-apprentice" relationship with a young, raw and talented quarterback.

But Pro Football Talk reported Jerry Jones will most likely overlook quarterbacks this draft, as the three previously drafted quarterbacks, Bill Musgrave (1991), Quincy Carter (2001) and Stephen McGee (2009), did not pan out for the team. 

Dallas may simply focus on building around Romo this season by upgrading the O-line and selecting a durable, powerful running back to spell DeMarco Murray.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking on America's Team. Jones and the Cowboys organization may be delaying the inevitable in eventually finding Romo's successor, but this year's draft may be the time to finally address the elephant in the room.