WWE's Best and Worst Acting Awards

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2013

WWE's Best and Worst Acting Awards

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    The Academy Awards may be upon us, but honestly, who cares?

    Professional actors have got nothing on professional wrestlers! 

    Sure, Denzel Washington is a great actor, but could he deliver a believable double axe-handle? Could Daniel-Day Lewis pull off looking like a badass in spandex trunks? Could Joaquin Phoenix cut a promo on The Big Show?

    But somehow, acting in professional wrestling isn't often considered in very high regards. 

    Still, there is an art to it.

    Some wrestlers just “are” their character. They don’t need to force the act. They just get it, and convey a sense of believably that makes fans buy into them.

    Others struggle to play the role given to them. For further proof, just compare a promo from Steve Austin to one from Steve Blackman

    This list takes a look at the best and worst actors in a variety of categories within WWE. It's time to celebrate the best real acting talent on the planet!

Best Supporting Actor

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    WWE's best supporting actor award applies to those who haven't been around for the majority of the year.

    While their time on TV has been brief, they still contributed to some notable performances that kept WWE programming exciting. 

    And the nominees are:

    Christopher Irvine for his portrayal of Chris Jericho.

    Though he competes on a part-time schedule these days, Jericho can always be counted on to either endear himself to or anger the crowd simply by his mic work. 

    Dwayne Johnson for his portrayal of The Rock. 

    The Rock has only been on TV a handful of times this year, but nearly every promo he's delivered has been a memorable one.

    Mark Henry for his portrayal of Mark Henry.

    As curator of the Hall of Pain, Henry has continued to get better with age as a monster heel. 

    Jonathan Good for his portrayal of Dean Ambrose.

    Few members on the roster look as comfortable on the mic than Ambrose has already shown. Imagine how good he'll be five years from now. 

And the Winner Is...

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    The Rock!

    When The Rock is good, no one can touch him. His time in Hollywood has only helped him become a better all-around performer.

    While he shows a bit of ring rust in his matches, he is still at the top of his game behind the mic. 

    Sure, The Rock can be a bit too goofy from time to time, but when it's time to get serious, he can still cut a money promo better than any babyface currently in the WWE. 

Best Performance by a Non Wrestler

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    The category for best performance by a non-wrestler is designed for those who don't make their living inside of the ring. 

    They may have stepped inside the squared circle a couple times, but their main job is to further stories by their mic work.

    Here are the nominees...

    Wayne Keown for his portrayal of Zeb Colter. 

    Colter's promos are controversial, but they are delivered with a realism that few others can match. Jack Swagger can't even say "we the people" convincingly, while Colter makes you believe he means everything he says.

    Vince McMahon for his portrayal of Vince McMahon.

    When "No Chance" begins to play, you know something is about to go down. While McMahon doesn't deliver the crazy promos like he used to, no one in wrestling can match his aura of power.

    Jesus Rodriguez for his portrayal of Ricardo Rodriguez.

    Ricardo Rodriguez seems like he could fit in on nearly any sitcom on TV just fine. His facial expressions are priceless, and he's often been the most entertaining part of Alberto Del Rio's act. 

    Mick Foley for his portrayal of Mick Foley.

    When Foley isn't played for laughs, he can deliver compelling promos. His brief work with Punk was golden. If he were interested, he could be a valuable manager for an up-and-coming babyface.

    Paul Heyman for his portrayal of Paul Heyman

    As a manager/agent, Heyman is wrestling's ultimate sleazeball. He made a grand return to the company in 2012, and quickly showed that he hadn't skipped a beat. 

And the Winner Is...

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    Paul Heyman!

    Right now, Paul Heyman may be the best actor in all of wrestling.

    We've seen many variations of the Heyman character over the years, but this one is his best. His current run with Punk has been incredibly beneficial to both parties. 

    Heyman may have also already cut the promo of the year recently during his "I'm not lying"  denial to Vince McMahon. It will be a tough one to top for anyone. 

    Whether he's building up CM Punk, or begging Brock Lesnar not to destroy someone, Heyman has simply been phenomenal. 

Worst Actor in a Starring Role

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    The worst actor in a starring role award is for the wrestlers who just aren't very good at playing their character. 

    And the nominees are:

    Matthew Kaye for his portrayal of Matt Striker. 

    Whether he's forcing himself to laugh at WWE humor or trying to act afraid of a wrestler, Matt Striker has shown an impressive inability to not be able to portray a single human emotion convincingly. 

    Dalip Rana for his portrayal of The Great Khali.

    At this point in his career, Khali can no longer believably walk to the ring, much less portray a physical threat. 

    Dylan Postl for his portrayal of Hornswoggle.

    The Hornswoggle character has had the strangest journey of any WWE wrestler ever. He's been given the ability to talk by Santa Claus, but maybe that wasn't such a good idea. 

    Matt Bloom for his portrayal of Lord Tensai/Tensai.

    No one bought Tensai as a legitimate threat to WWE main-eventers. He was then pushed as a jobber. Recently, he's been forced into the role of a dancing fool. Not one of those roles have felt genuine.

And the Winner Is...

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    Matt Striker!

    There have been a lot of bad backstage interviewers in wrestling history, and Striker is among the worst.

    Even though he's a former wrestler, he acts like he is out of his element when it comes to interviews. His fake laughter is somehow worse than Jerry Lawler's and Michael Cole's combined. 

Best Actress

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    Due to the limited number of female characters on WWE television, the best actress award is open to every woman on the roster.

    The Divas division in particular has become anemic these days, but that doesn't mean there isn't talent to be found. 

    Here are the nominations...

    Eve Torres for her portrayal of Eve Torres.

    Eve may now be gone from the company, but she was the most interesting Divas champion that the company had seen in years. 

    Celeste Bonin for her portrayal of Kaitlyn.

    Kaitlyn has done a fine job so far during her run as Divas champion, but it's too bad that she doesn't have a supporting cast to work with.

    Vickie Guerrero for her portrayal of Vickie Guerrero.

    Vickie can always be counted on to deliver massive heat from the fans. She's gone on an amazing journey from being a horrible actress to becoming one of the company's most reliable talkers. 

    April Mendez for her portrayal of AJ Lee.

    Out of any woman on the roster, AJ Lee had to show the most range in her acting skills. From being the centerpiece in a crazy love triangle, to becoming the General Manager of Raw, she's also been one of the most entertaining characters on the program. 

And the Winner Is...

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    AJ had some great performances over the year, but she also had a few lousy ones. She was horribly miscast as the GM, and was called upon to do some acting that was just way out of her range.

    Vickie can also be quite good, but is overexposed, and she also took part in too many lousy segments. 

    Meanwhile, Eve was doing a great job as a conniving femme fatale who tried to pull one over on everyone from Kaitlyn to Teddy Long. 

    Unless she decides to return someday, we'll never know how good she could have grown as a actress.

Best Ensemble Cast

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    The best ensemble cast category is designed for the groups and stables in WWE that consist of three or more wrestlers.  

    And the nominees are...

    Jonathan Good, Colby Lopez and Joseph Anoa'i for their portrayal of The Shield.

    The three are dangerous, unexpected thugs who play by their own set of rules. During their time in WWE, they've had some cool promos, along with a unique entrance.

    They each have their own distinct style and personality, which mixes to create one complete package. The Shield has also been able to go toe-to-toe with the top talent in WWE and win.

    Heath Miller, Andrew Galloway and Yuvraj Dhesi for their portrayal of The Three Man Band.

    These three are a group of idiots who play air guitar. 

And the Winner Is...

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    The Shield!

    Okay, so this was the easiest category to win, but that shouldn't take anything away from The Shield. 

    Right now is just a terrible time in WWE for stables in general. As awful as the 3MB is, they look like the Four Horsemen compared to Khali, Hornswoggle and Natalya. 

Most Annoying Actor

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    The most annoying actor award is given to the person who makes you want to turn the channel, throw your remote or give your TV a Jackknife Powerbomb whenever they appear on TV.

    And the nominees are...

    Michael Mizanin for his portrayal of The Miz.

    The Miz seems to think that all of his second-rate comedy material is really clever. His facial expressions show that he thinks he's a genius. This is while he's a babyface. His "really" catchphrase is also rather grating to the ears. 

    Anthony Carrelli for his portrayal of Santino Marella. 

    When it comes to one-dimensional characters, Santino has mastered the art. Over the years his character has somehow become dumber, more annoying and has also inexplicably gained a heavier bad Italian accent. 

    George Murdoch for his portrayal of Brodus Clay.

    Since Clay's debut, his character has failed to expand upon saying "my bad” and “somebody call my mama!” Somebody should call WWE creative and tell them to get him a new gimmick.

    Alberto Rodriguez for his portrayal of Alberto Del Rio.

    Rodriguez had one of the worst turns in recent memory, which only hurt his connection with fans. But still, it's incredibly hard to buy into him as a sympathetic face who has suddenly changed his ways. The amount of pandering he does for the crowd is staggering in its ineptness. 

And the Winner Is...

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    It's a bit of a shame actually to see how far Santino has devolved and stagnated as a character.

    A few years ago as a heel, he was genuinely enjoyable. 

    Now he's basically become a walking cartoon. He has become just as unfunny in his own way as John Cena and Sheamus. 

    Santino does have talent, but either the writers or Santino himself have completely given up on trying to do anything interesting at this point. 

Best Actor

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    The best actor award is for male wrestlers who have competed the majority of the year. The award is given to the actor who most convincingly plays their character to draw emotions from fans.

    And the nominees are: 

    Paul Wight for his portrayal of The Big Show.

    Since turning heel, Show has had some of the best performances of his career. When he's asked to be serious (and not cry from having orange paint dumped on him), he can be an effective monster. 

    John Cena for his portrayal of John Cena.

    When Cena cuts out the crappy jokes, he can actually deliver really good promos. He connects with the crowd in a way that few other superstars ever have. 

    Phillip Brooks for his portrayal of CM Punk.

    CM Punk has upped his already-stellar mic skills over the past couple years and has become one of the few true superstars in all of wrestling. 

    Aaron Haddad for his portrayal of Damien Sandow.

    While Damien Sandow is a pretty ridiculous gimmick in this era, Haddad makes it work. Many others would fail spectacularly in this role, but Sandow is able to draw crowd heat while being villainous and humorous at the same time. 

And the Winner Is...

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    CM Punk!

    Punk has always shown some acting chops, but since his heel turn, he's risen to a new level. 

    No one in the company has been relied upon to eat up more TV time this year with promos than Punk, and he has consistently knocked them out of the park. 

    Adding Paul Heyman to his act has only improved his character, and given Punk someone to play off of for both drama and humor.

    It will be hard for Punk to top his performances from this year, but he should continue to be one of the company's most consistent performers for as long as he sticks around. 

    Whom do your best and worst WWE acting awards go out to? Sound off below!