What Is Up with These Athletes' Hair?

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 24, 2013

What Is Up with These Athletes' Hair?

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    Athletes do some amazing things that make us scream in amazement. But as great as they are at making our jaws drop with a sick play, they get the same reaction when showing off their more questionable hairstyles.  

    After seeing Andrew Bynum's half-rowed head earlier this week, I had to put together a compilation of athletes (and fans) who went a little overboard with the hair creativity. 

Dishonorable Mention: Dennis Rodman (NBA Hall of Famer)

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    To kick things off, I have to give a shout out to "The Worm."

    Not only was he inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011, but he was an inspiration to all athletes dying their hair with multiple colors.

    He was a legend both on the hardwood and in the hair salon. 

Rockies-Diamondbacks Fan

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    This guy might not be an athlete, but one look at his hair will leave you speechless.

    This superfan's name is Josh Pugh, and he has developed quite the reputation for doing Mohawk designs at numerous Denver sporting events.

    What more is there to say for the love this guy has for baseball—though it's unclear which team he's actually rooting for.

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

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    Russ might catch some flak for his style these days, but before the glasses without lenses and ridiculous patterned shirts, he actually sported a flaming Mohawk during his freshman year at UCLA.

    The explosive point guard has since become an NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medal winner, so thankfully, this isn't what he's remembered for.

DeAngelo Hall (Washington Redskins)

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    You have to love the way cornerback DeAngelo Hall tried to get under the skin of Chad Johnson.

    Going up against the star wide receiver, Hall—then playing for the Falcons—shared his feelings with him by sporting this hairstyle.

    There's just one problem—you wear a helmet in football.

Evander Kane (Winnipeg Jets)

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    For anyone who follows Winnipeg Jets winger Kane on twitter, you're probably well aware of his adoration for rapper Lil Wayne.

    And what better way to show love for Weezy than by shaving the acronym for his record label—Young Money Cash Money Billionaires—into his head?

    We really hope Wayne gives him due props in his next song.

Nerlens Noel (University of Kentucky)

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    As a University of Kentucky graduate, I have much love for the passion Nerlens Noel has for his school. But as a sports fan, come on man!

    Mad respect for the creativity on his college announcement last year, but it's high time for the center to ditch the school logo on the back of his head.

    Well wishes to the big man, whose season is over following a torn ACL, but hopefully he's growing out his hair in his down time. 

Michael Beasley (Phoenix Suns)

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    Would it kill the former No. 2 overall pick to work on his appearance?

    Good lord, it looks like he just pulled an all-nighter and drove himself straight to the arena afterwards. 

    Problem is, even when he does try, it doesn't look that much better. Maybe he should just go with the bald look or something.

Spencer Hawes (Philadelphia 76ers)

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    This picture of Hawes showing support for his hometown Seattle was snapped a few years ago, but even when the big man doesn't take chances with his hair, he still doesn't look too great.

    Then again, we can appreciate him having fun with it, like he did by busting out the patriotic head gear earlier this year.

Coco Crisp (Oakland Athletics)

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    So. Much. Hair.

    With a name like Coco Crisp, it's hard to take the A's outfielder seriously to begin with. When you add in an untamable Afro into the equation, it's downright comical.

    We think a good trim job would serve him well.

Andrew Bogut (Golden State Warriors)

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    What on earth was the former No. 1 pick thinking with this?

    First off, a rat tail was cool for about five minutes while in kindergarten.

    Second, there's no point of keeping that little amount of hair.

    And finally, no one who is seven-feet tall should attempt to make this hairdo cool again.

Raul Meireles (Fenerbahçe)

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    Though he's making some decent coin by leaving EPL powerhouse Chelsea to play for Turkish club Fenerbahçe, Meireles clearly hasn't put aside any money for a decent barber. 

    The midfielder kind of has the receding-hairline-meets-the-toupee look going on, but we'll just let him explain what look he's going for.

Mike Smith (Phoenix Coyotes)

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    The Phoenix goalie channeled his inner Patrick Kane by going with the all-out mullet underneath his mask, chopping off the unbelievable mane he had been growing out.

    We're all for business in front and partying in the back, but we're not sure if he can pull this one off just yet.

Cullen Newsome (San Jose State Football)

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    You probably didn't care too much about the 2012 Military Bowl between San Jose State and Bowling Green, but had you paid attention to some of the pregame hype, you would have noticed Spartan cornerback Cullen Newsome sporting one of the most detailed cuts known to man. 

    It may not have been a BCS game, but major applause to this kid for taking the chance and showing his appreciation of the postseason bid.

Vladimir Radmanović (Chicago Bulls)

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    I'm not trying to hate, but Vlad-Rad, what are you thinking?

    If Justin Timberlake can't pull off the whole braided dreads look, there's no white guy on the planet that can.

    It's unfortunate that the memories we have of the three-point specialist's career involves this haircut and for lying to his former team, the Lakers, about an injury that happened while snowboarding. 

Antrel Rolle (New York Giants)

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    Let's be completely honest here: Rolle's hair is entirely ridiculous, but that doesn't mean it's not cool. 

    Maybe it's the combination of the colors with the design, but it actually looks pretty good on the Giants safety. 

    Upon finding out that it actually glowed in the dark, I was in full support of his decision.

Djibril Cissé (Queens Park Rangers)

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    Cissé is one of the more colorful athletes on the planet, so his inclusion on this list probably isn't too much of a surprise.

    But the look that he tried to rep here certainly left some wide-eyed fans wondering what he was thinking.

    This tatted-up footballer changes his hair a lot, so we can only wonder what he's going to do next.

Amir Johnson (Toronto Raptors)

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    Johnson's most noteworthy moment of the year had to be his ejection from a game in which he tossed his mouthpiece at a ref.

    Shortly after that incident, the Raptors' forward decided to draw some attention away from his outburst with his colorful head.

    Coaches always talk about team camaraderie, so maybe that's what he was going for here. 

Adam Morrison (Beşiktaş Milangaz)

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    Poor Adam Morrison.

    It may be hard to feel bad for a guy who was a star in college, was drafted by Michael Jordan and made more than $16 million in his short career, but the former lottery pick has recently fallen from grace—and fast.

    This photographer caught him at the worst possible moment in shaving his dome, but it's not like it was all that great before he took out the electric trimmer.

Andre Miller (Denver Nuggets)

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    It seems like Miller, the former Utah standout who helped lead the Utes to the '98 national title game, has been around forever. Actually, after listing that last bit, damn, he has been! 

    Back in 2009, the steady point guard sported this cotton ball patch look while playing for the Blazers.

    It may not have been permanent, but when a guy looks shows up like this in public for more than five minutes, it's definitely not okay.

Antonio Garay (San Diego Chargers)

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    Garay has become legendary for his out-of-this-world haircuts, so it's clear his looks aren't just a one-time deal.

    Who knows where his inspiration for his hair comes from, but one thing's for sure: he has a lot of fun with whatever he's doing.

Andrew Bynum (Philadelphia 76ers)

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    Bynum was the inspiration for this entire article thanks to his most recent hairdo, but one can't forget his ever-changing looks.

    There are seriously no words that can describe why the Philly center left his house with his hair looking like this, but we thank him for making us admire it—and share in a few laughs.