NBA Trade Deadline: How J.J. Redick Makes Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Contender

Daniel MorrisContributor IIIFebruary 22, 2013

Redick could thrive on the Bucks and help make them contenders.
Redick could thrive on the Bucks and help make them contenders.Elsa/Getty Images

On Feb. 21, J.J. Redick was traded from the Orlando Magic to the Milwaukee Bucks according to the Associated Press (via  The Bucks may help Redick continue to better his statistics, and he in-turn may help the Bucks secure a playoff spot in 2013.

One of the most celebrated college basketball players of all time, J.J. Redick has started to post some respectable numbers over his past few seasons in the NBA.

After averaging single-digit points per game in his first four NBA seasons, Redick has posted double-digit totals in his last three.  He seems to have finally figured out how to score consistently on the NBA level, and he is doing it well.

In the 2012-13 season, Redick was given a more prominent role in the Orlando offense after Dwight Howard moved to the Lakers.  Averaging over 30 minutes per game for the first time in his NBA career, Redick has shot 45 percent from the field and averaged over 15 points per contest as of Feb. 22.

This season, Redick has managed to make an impact by doing what he does best: shooting the basketball.  He is a pure shooter, and when given the chance to shoot he usually connects.

The Milwaukee Bucks are a team that can surely benefit from Redick's smooth shooting stroke.  While guards Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are stellar scorers and great players, neither could really be classified as a sharpshooter. 

Redick and his stroke should be a welcome addition to the Bucks offense.  His shooting ability is a great complement to the scoring of Jennings and Ellis.  Together, these three could become one of the more dangerous backcourts in the NBA.

As of Feb. 22, Milwaukee was the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference with a winning percentage under .500.  With Redick now on their roster, the Bucks should secure a playoff spot and perhaps move up a seed or two.  Redick gives the Bucks a shooter they desperately needed and seems to tie their offense together.

Don't be surprised if the Bucks cause some commotion come playoff time.  Their high-powered offense and the addition of Redick make them a candidate to upset even the strongest teams in the East.