Mercyhurst's Jonathan Ouegnin Goes Up for Dunk of Night and Drops Hammer

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 22, 2013

It turns out Jonathan Ouegnin knows how to fly. 

The Mercyhurst standout delivered a dunk so delightful it became ESPN Unite's Urule of the Nite, an accolade best left to the truly amazing. 

For details, we look to's report on the 44-36 Mercyhurst victory over rival Gannon. During the eventual Lakers win, Ouegnin gets the ball and is faced with quite the crowd under the basket. 

Now, lesser players might consider passing the ball or perhaps going around the traffic jam. From the land of brilliant ideas that actually work, Ouegnin decides to go over the defense. 

Here is what the report has to say: 

The Knights fumbled the ball repeatedly at the start of the second half, with six consecutive turnovers. The Lakers took advantage, starting with Jonathan Ouegnin's ringing slam over Darrell Blanton for a three-point play.

I guess I would classify this slam as ringing. Devastating also comes to mind if I was really stretching for an appropriate description. 

I now have to think Blanton will think twice before going up to defend a scintillating slam dunk. Then again, Timofey Mozgov still manages to find his way into the paint, so some lessons are never learned. 

Tucked away in Pennsylvania, there is a young man named Jonathan Ouegnin, and he is blessed with the gift of flight. 


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