Frustrated Bulls Fans Cheer LeBron James Injury During Miami Heat Blowout

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According to the loud roar of delight from Chicago Bulls fans, the best part of Thursday night's loss was when LeBron James was injured. 

Deadspin reported pretty much the only sound of approval from Bulls fans during an 86-67 loss to the Heat was when James was hit by a hard foul.

James was on attempting to finish in transition when Nate Robinson body-checked him. 

The crowd immediately roared, but then their applause hit a crescendo the second James began to limp.

Frustration is a hell of a drug.

James, who has been red hot for weeks, finished the night with 26 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists.

If you can't beat him, cheer when he gets hurt. 

Before I get on this high horse and ride around the Chicago area, let me offer that I grew up despising Michael Jordan. My Lakers loyalties and immaturity didn't allow me to enjoy his greatness until later years. 

Still, I never wanted the man to go down in a heap on the NBA court. 

I certainly understand the frustration of watching a magician do pretty much anything he wants to your team. I get that. 

I don't get things like this or college basketball fans shouting "shoot 'em like a horse" when players get injured—something I have witnessed firsthand at a number of college basketball games. 

Let's stick to the booing when players do well. You know, like civilized human beings. 

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