Giancarlo Stanton Expects to Play After Being Drilled in Head, Avoids Concussion

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IFebruary 22, 2013

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 15: Giancarlo Stanton #27 of the Florida Marlins prepares prior to a game against the Cincinnati Reds at Marlins Park on September 15, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Jason Arnold/Getty Images)
Jason Arnold/Getty Images

Giancarlo Stanton seems to have avoided disaster after getting beaned in the back of the head on Wednesday by the Miami Marlins top pitching prospect, Jose Fernandez.

The frightening incident could have been much worse, especially considering that the pitch was in the area of 95 mph. 

After the incident, Stanton spoke about being drilled. The Palm Beach Post reports that Stanton said that the ball hit him “right on the bottom of the head, high neck area." He went on to tell the Palm Beach Post, “I wasn’t dizzy or nothing. I saw a little grayness, fuzziness on the outside of my eyes. But it’s subsiding now."

The best news that the Marlins, Stanton and Fernandez received on Thursday came after Stanton's x-rays came back negative and he was ruled free of concussion symptoms, according to

The same reports states that the 20-year-old Fernandez, who is in his first spring training with the Marlins, claims the pitch was "over 95 mph, I know it was. It's a scary moment. My hands were sweating a lot. It was just not a good pitch. I feel bad. It's not a good feeling, I promise you."

Stanton was able to take batting practice on Thursday and "felt good" according to Joe Capozzi of The Palm Beach Post. The Marlins manager Mike Redmond spoke to reporters and stated that the Marlins “We’re excited" and that "obviously we dodged a bullet there."

He went on to say the best news of all: "He should play Saturday. I’m expecting him to play.’’

Stanton is getting back in the swing of things after the incident, which is fortunate because he appears to be the only hope for the Marlins this season.

Stanton will need to do spectacular things to carry the Marlins in 2013 after the organization dismantled most of the team during the offseason, a practice for which they have become infamous.

Perhaps Stanton's resilience will energize a team that doesn't have many expectations entering the 2013 season, let alone the first spring training game on Saturday.