Houston Rockets- Golden State: Warriors Play Under NBA Gravitational Force

Bobby SmithContributor IApril 10, 2009

The over-under in Golden State Warriors home games this season was 26-10 a week ago. Yet the team's last two home games went under the total and were destined to go under the total despite the overload of overs that preceded them.


Gravity. Prior to hosting New Orleans late last week, Warriors home games had averaged 9.1 points per game over the total, which placed them way outside a nine-year full season established NBA range in this category.

The prior full season high average per game vs. the Total was 7.8. As you can see by the black arrow in the graph, the Warriors are still plotted outside the existing full season cluster, at greater than 8.1 per game vs. the total.

Golden State's injury absences—most notably Stephen Jackson—and a defensive-minded opponent like Houston should combine to keep Golden State's course pinned towards rejoining the NBA totals home cluster. Look to the universe, people. It has all the answers!