"Lie-Gate" Is Annoying!

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - APRIL 05:  Lewis Hamilton (L) of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes and Mark Webber (R) of Australia and Red Bull Racing drive during the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit on April 5, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

I'm a follower of Formula One. I love race cars, new technologies, and breakneck speeds.

What I don't like is the constant bickering and coverage of an incident which should by all means be done with by now.

I'm talking about the "lie-gate" row that has been happening since the inaugural Grand Prix of the season.

I don't think I need to tell you how it went down, but one thing's for sure: Lewis Hamilton got disqualified from the race for "deliberately misleading the stewards."

Fine. Whatever. It's done now. His podium is taken away, he's been disqualified, Jarno Trulli has been reinstated to his third-place position and the wrong has been righted.

I'm not a fan of Lewis Hamilton, but I think enough's enough. I think that he has received enough flak for what he did, and it's time to move on to more pressing matters like the controversial diffusers.

I partly blame the two-week-old hype to the media. The way that they keep talking about "lie-gate" by including soundbites from bigwigs like Bernie Ecclestone and other such characters as saying that "McLaren could face a ban" or other such things to that extent is annoying.

The McLaren team has apologized, Lewis Hamilton has apologized. In a simpler time, an apology would be the end of the story. So can the media and the FIA put this baby to bed for the sake of the fans?

Overall, I understand that there's a lot of matter being thrown around with regards to this whole scandal. Dave Ryan's been given his pink slip, Lewis Hamilton has a tarnished reputation, and there's more stuff happening down the field.

Hopefully, the media will take a hint and start talking about more things that are happening down the field. The lie-gate scandal is a dead horse that is getting flogged constantly...