WrestleMania XXIX: Update on Several Potential Midcard Matches

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 1, 2013

Source: WWE.com
Source: WWE.com

WrestleMania XXIX is a little over a month away and only two matches have been officially announced.

F4Wonline is reporting that there are two big matches coming together—they were being discussed over the weekend.

We’ve already reported on one of those matches in Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry, with the other bout discussed being Wade Barrett vs Sheamus (via wrestlinginc.com).

Previously there were rumblings of a Henry vs Sheamus match, though it seems that idea has been nixed.

That’s no surprise, and it’s likely that more changes are to come. The report also states that no matches are “set in stone for the undercard yet and plans are changing on a regular basis.”   

Those regular plan changes could be happening for another week or so.

A different report by F4Wonline has said that it’s unlikely any more matches will be confirmed on next Monday’s “Old-School” Raw (via wrestlinginc.com).

It states that “Aside from the likely return of The Undertaker, the episode is being internally considered a throwaway show and undercard matches for WrestleMania will not start to take shape until at least the following week.”

With plans changing so rapidly it wouldn’t be surprising if the matches discussed above don’t actually end up happening.

WWE have left themselves with a few options for Sheamus.

He’s had a few interactions with Barrett over the last few weeks but he could also end up in a match with the Shield on April 7.

Even excluding the Shield from the equation, WWE may opt to switch the performers around to make for more even potential matches. It may be hard to sell Jericho as a legitimate threat to Mark Henry, so creative may opt for Barrett vs Jericho instead.

Furthermore, where does this leave Dolph Ziggler? It’s always possible that we may end up getting Jericho vs Ziggler III to end the feud that started at Royal Rumble but never really ended.

At present, Barrett vs Sheamus and Henry vs Jericho may be penciled in, but check back with Bleacher Report for updates on any booking changes.