25 Girls Who Could Be the Next Katherine Webb

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2013

25 Girls Who Could Be the Next Katherine Webb

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    On top of marveling at their sports prowess, another thing we love about our athletes are their super-hot WAGS we get to see at most games.

    After seeing the reaction Brent Musberger gave A.J. McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb during the national title game, it's clear that cameramen need to be scanning the crowd to find these chicks more often.

    Hell, even a made up Manti Te'o girlfriend received national attention, which is why we're giving you the girls that would be able to duplicate this success—assuming we ever actually get to see them!

Nikki Childs (Girlfriend of Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno)

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    The former UGA gymnast might be well-known around Athens or among Broncos fans, but could the rest of the country get some love?

    She's obviously flexible, in-shape and has a pretty face, so let's get her on the tube some more during Bronco telecasts, alright?

Windy Pagan (Wife of San Francisco Giants Center Fielder Angel Pagan)

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    2012 seemed to be a pretty good year for Pagan.

    Not only did the Giants leadoff hitter win a World Series, but he used his playoff success to earn himself a four-year, $40 million deal with the team.

    Oh, but while he was stealing the show, his sexy wife Windy wasn't given as much attention, which makes us ask the question—"Why the hell not!?!"

Tammy Horton (Wife of Bruins Winger Nathan Horton)

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    What's with all these athletes and their blondes?

    We're not complaining, especially after seeing Tammy, who besides posing for Playboy, is the great-niece of Hall of Fame goaltender Jacques Plante.

    Pretty impressive stuff, so why haven't we seen more of her?

Kim Sears (Girlfriend of Tennis Player Andy Murray)

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    Over the course of Andy Murray's tennis career, he's always had his lady Kim Sears there as a crutch through the good and bad times.

    With Brooklyn Decker unfortunately gone from the stands now that hubby Andy Roddick retired, can Kim take her place as the sexiest fan in tennis?

Courtney Eckhart (Girlfriend of 49ers RB LaMichael James)

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    We're not quite sure why San Francisco's backup running back's girl doesn't get more recognition for being as hot as she is?

    Blonde hair? Check.

    Blue eyes? Boom.

    Hot face? Clearly.

    Get this girl on our TV screen pronto!

Hayley Sams (MMA Ring Girl)

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    As a current ring girl for MMA over in the UK, we get to see this brunette babe in-between rounds during matches, but take a look at her and tell us if that's enough!

    Let's propel her career to new heights by putting her on TV more often or something!

Carrie Milbank (Sports Reporter)

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    If there's one thing that could really help the sexy Milbank's career, it's some random shot of her looking really good in the stands.

    Hey, it's how Pamela Anderson's modeling career first got off the ground, so why can't it happen to Carrie's too?

Anna Burns (Wife of Patriots WR Wes Welker)

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    Welker's one of the most sure-handed receivers in the game, so it's not wonder he plucked the former Miss Hooters International for himself.

    Wait, she won Miss Hooters International and all we really know her for are the rants she had about Ray Lewis after the Ravens beat the Pats in the AFC title game?

    This is ludicrous!

Melanie Collins (Girlfriend of Florida Panthers Winger Scottie Upshall)

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    This one's almost too good to be true.

    She's already widely-known thanks to her work on broadcasts with NBATV and the Big Ten Network, meaning she just needs a little more exposure to get to that next level like Erin Andrews has!

    I think we'd all benefit from her getting there!

Jelena Ristic (Girlfriend of Tennis Player Novak Djokovic)

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    Whether or not you like the whole hipster look, Jelena's got all the goods to become a household name.

    Over the years we've seen what a sexy face and a nice smile can do for someone's career, so let's hope she earns some more face time at the world's No. 1 player's matches.

Lauren Tannehill (Wife of Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill)

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    Okay, so we're cheating a little bit with this one since the blonde babe sort of got the Webb treatment when she got introduced to the world on draft day.

    Still, she's kind of fallen off the map since a couple rumors about her modeling for different mags.

    Let's hope the Fins start winning some more games so Lauren can live up to her hottie potential!

Emma Andersson (Wife of Detroit Red Wings Center Henrik Zetterberg)

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    Here in the States, we get the Kardashians.

    Over there in Sweden, they have out-of-this-world stunner, Emma, who had an extremely popular wedding with the captain of the Red Wings.

    Life's really not fair sometimes, is it?

Bec Hewitt (Wife of Tennis Player Lleyton Hewitt)

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    Bec is a model and singer back in her native Australia, but why do we need to wait until her hubby Lleyton steps on the court to see how good she looks?

    With similar features to Carrie Underwood, we'd really like it if she was what everyone was talking about.

    As an added bonus, she's got a sister that's pretty attractive in her own right!

Savannah Swetland (Girlfriend of San Francisco Giants Outfielder Hunter Pence)

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    Pence really likes blonde girls.

    Unfortunately, even with all the national exposure Pence's teams have earned the past couple years—the Giants did win the World Series last year—we still haven't seen as much of these chicks as we'd like to.

    Can we maybe change that this upcoming season?

Jessie James (Fiance of Broncos WR Eric Decker)

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    James may be famous for some of her songs over the years, but that still doesn't mean she's as big as we'd probably all like her to be.

    Had the privilege of meeting this country girl a couple years ago around Nashville, and let us tell you, she's just about one of the hottest things a guy could ever lay their eyes on.

    Let's have her career pop off a little more thanks to the power of social media like Webb's did.

Sarah Hinton (Girlfriend of 49ers TE Garrett Celek)

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    Celek might not be a star on the field, but he's dating one hell of a star off it in the way of Hooters calendar girl Sarah Hinton.

    She was nowhere to be seen during the Super Bowl broadcast, but we bet had the cameras found her, Simms and Nantz would have gone just as nuts as Musberger during the college title game.

Alex Morgan (U.S. Women's Soccer)

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    Thankfully, the U.S. team's foxy forward has finally started to get noticed for not only her play on the pitch, but for her good looks off it too.

    We all know who she is—and she's been featured all over the place the past year or so—but she still isn't as big as she probably could be, so we'd like to think standing in the stands would help spread her popularity.

Gabrielle Velasquez (Girlfriend of Chicago Blackhawks Center Jonathan Toews)

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    Holy smokes!

    With the Blackhawks locked into a record-setting streak to start the season, we can only hope the cameras take notice of some of the hockey honeys that are in the crowd.

    Toews, a worthy MVP candidate, is pretty lucky to bundle up next to this fine piece after games.

Larsa Pippen (Wife of NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen)

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    Somehow Pippen's wife has gone nearly unrecognized for the past 15 years—which is the length the two have actually been married.

    Either Pip's been hiding her away to deprive us of her sexiness, or paparazzi are getting really lazy snapping pics.

    We have a feeling it's a combination of both.

Brittany Langdon (Girlfriend of Future NFL QB Matt Barkley)

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    It must be good to be Barkley right about now.

    Not only is he gearing himself up as a potential first round selection in the NFL Draft, but he's dating Langdon, a sexy soccer player from Seattle Pacific University.

    If all goes as planned for the former USC starting QB, she'll gain just as much fame as his career takes off.

Natalia Velez (Rumored to Be Dating Atlético Madrid Striker Falcao)

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    Whether the rumors are true or not, we'd like to think this Colombian model is going to a lot of soccer games regardless.

    Assuming that's the case, we want to know—and see—a lot more of her!

Yvette Prieto (Fiance of NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan)

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    For the recently turned 50 year old Jordan, his life actually seems to be getting better after his esteemed NBA career ended.

    After a messy divorce with his former wife Juanita, Jordan rebounded just fine by scoring Prieto, a down-to-earth model from Cuba.

    Anything his Airness does gets attention, any guy would be crazy not to like seeing Yvette right next to him through it all.

Shenae Saifi (Girlfriend of 49ers LB Patrick Willis)

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    Shenae is the single-most reason we were pulling for the Niners to win this previous Super Bowl.

    She may not have had any effect on the outcome, but you can bet your ass she'd be on that field next to her man Willis for any postgame interviews.

    Come to think of it, why didn't the cameras find her at all during the game regardless? Chick is a stunner!

Sarah Savage (Girlfriend of Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel)

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    Oh what a Heisman trophy can do for ones dating game.

    After taking home the golden-armed statue, Johnny Football has lived largely traveling all over the country and getting A-list treatment.

    Let's hope the same can be said for his model girlfriend Sarah, who looks like a star in her own right.

Paulina Gretzky (Girlfriend of PGA Golfer Dustin Johnson)

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    Notice the guy's face over Paulina's right shoulder? We duplicated the exact same reaction when seeing the Great One's daughter, so imagine what any commentator would do if she was in the stands?

    Who knows if her new beau Dustin Johnson's ever had a hole in one, but we'll say this, he aced it in the dating department!

    We all know her, but come on, with her looks and pedigree, she could be larger than life!