WWE News: Jack Swagger Pulled from Live Events

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 21, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, it appears Jack Swagger's downward spiral has begun.

Ultimately, Swagger really put himself and the WWE in a sticky spot with his arrest on Tuesday.

That being said, WrestleZone.com reported:

Jack Swagger has been pulled from WWE live events this weekend; however it should be noted that the company is still advertising him for Raw next week and Tuesday's Smackdown taping. No word on whether or not Swagger has been pulled from the live events due to his arrest.

Sadly, Swagger was in the midst of the biggest push of his career, which now appears to be all but lost. As noted in the article, Swagger is still slated for next week’s Raw and SmackDown. This, to me, means we will probably see him lose his ‘Mania spot at one of those events.

Overall, I am torn about this entire thing, as WWE is struggling to put together a solid WrestleMania card this year. In fact, as of this article, Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio is the only confirmed match for "The Granddaddy of Them All."

Keep in mind, up until Monday night, the WWE had both of its main-event title matches locked.

Then, the company decided to throw a wrench in the works and have John Cena put his title shot on the line against CM Punk, which could mean that the WWE is really concerned about the Undertaker's status and is scrambling to find a spot for Punk.

Unfortunately, we won't know the fate of that match until Monday night's Raw.

In the end, the WWE may decide to stand by Swagger in order to get through WrestleMania season. However, I wouldn't be shocked if he faded into obscurity after the pay-per-view.