Giants-Brewers: Martinez Scare Clouds Giants' Victory

Michael NewCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

In a scary moment at AT&T Park, rookie pitcher Joe Martinez took a line drive off the head with two outs in the ninth in Thursday's game against Milwaukee.

Brewers' center fielder Mike Cameron smoked a fastball back up the middle, which hit so hard off the young hurler's head that the ball went out of play over 60 feet away.

Obviously shaken up, Mike Cameron knelt down at second base with many Giants players coming over to try and console him. It seemed the entire stadium took a moment of silence as the on-lookers waited to see the outcome of the unfortunate circumstance.

Martinez surprisingly walked off the field on his own, bleeding from the upper right side of his forehead and his nose. Upon impact, he fell to the ground limp-like and bounced back up in a very awkward all-in-one motion.

He seemed to come to and clinched his head after removing his cap.

Fortunately, insiders who visited the hospital tonight have confirmed from Giants' executives that the CT scan was negative and he doesn’t seem to have any broken bones or a shattered skull.

Martinez has a concussion, but that seems to be the worst of it.

For those that can stomach it, watch this horrofic event.

The Giants eventually won 7-1, taking the first series of the year.

Next up, the San Diego Padres take on Barry Zito in his regular-season debut.