20 Most Unromantic Moments in Sports

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20 Most Unromantic Moments in Sports
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First, let's get this out on the table—most people suck at being romantic. It’s because the very concept of ‘romance’ is so loaded with old Hollywood tropes and other cultural ideals that when we try, it’s often creepy and scripted.

Try ‘drawing a bubble bath’ or ‘covering the bed in rose petals’ with your significant other (or the one you hope will be). It’s going to take some interpersonal jiu-jitsu to pull it off without the situation quickly devolving into awkwardness.

So, imagine what it’s like for the biggest athletes in sports.

Athletes live a life that is reported, photographed and promoted—if an NFL or NBA superstar goes on a date, then there is a blog somewhere that has the ‘scoop.’ And there are plenty of men and women in sports who actively seek the spotlight; even if it means their personal life and relationships are broadcast in households everywhere.

It’s no surprise that athletes—who are just as weird and clumsy as the rest of us when it comes to romance—have had plenty of painful, unromantic moments documented for the rest of us to revel in.

These are the 20 most unromantic moments in sports.

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