Twitter Reacts to NBA's Deadline Trades, Fails, Surprises and Non-Deals

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2013

While rumors regarding the 2013 NBA trade deadline surfaced on Thursday morning and continued into the afternoon, actual trades were hard to come by, as teams were content to walk away from talks without forcing a deal through.

As the 3 p.m. ET deadline arrived, only a handful of uninspiring deals were made official.

The Boston Celtics agreed to send an expiring contract to the Washington Wizards in exchange for a perimeter scorer in Jordan Crawford, according to Yahoo! Sports' NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski:

USA Today NBA insider Sam Amick reported an under-the-radar deadline-day deal between the Toronto Raptors and Phoenix Suns:

Phoenix officially announced on Thursday that it had acquired Marcus Morris from the Houston Rockets in exchange for a second-round draft pick in 2013.

Then there was this lackluster trade between the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies, as reported by Yahoo! Sports' Marc J. Spears:

Finally, Wojnarowski reported a trade that had been picking up steam throughout the day:

The big name that most thought would be moved on Thursday, Atlanta's Josh Smith, wasn't. So, as you can imagine, Twitter was left incredibly disappointed and unsatisfied after one of the most uneventful NBA deadline days in recent memory.

The day started off with plenty of promise and excitement. Just ask Chicago Bulls fan Andy Guillen:

But the promise quickly turned into desperation, as Mie Williams proved:

Some, like Kayla Brown, started getting stressed out by all the non-movement. 

Jon Shid pointed to a legitimate cause of Thursday's quiet deadline day:

ESPN's Numbers Never Lie then presented Twitter users with some historical perspective on deadline day:

We didn't see many big trades on Thursday, but for the 26th straight year, at least one deal was reached on deadline day.

Alan Mowrey, vice president and COO of the NBA Developmental League's Canton Charge, raised a great question in the midst of Twitter exploding over the trade deadline:

While many were digging through endless rumors on Thursday, NBA fan and analyst Bill Simmons offered up an important NBA trade deadline tip to remember:

He was right, as most of the rumored deadline-day talks produced nothing.

As more and more time passed on Thursday, more and more deadline-day jokes and comments began flying on Twitter, as anticipated. Here's one from University of South Carolina journalism student Edward Shuler Jr., who took a shot at the trade deadline and this past weekend's underwhelming Slam Dunk Contest in fewer than 140 characters:

Bleacher Report's pop culture lead writer Gabe Zaldivar brought Gronk into the mix, as only he can:

WRIC-TV photographer Ronald Carthen provided us with a fitting video to express what many on Twitter were going through on Thursday:

A video of paint drying would have been just as fitting.

But the comedy didn't stop there, as Twitter's Not David Stern account discussed a potential trade that the Philadelphia 76ers would likely agree to in a heartbeat:

In case you missed it (via @JordanRaanan):

In an effort to relieve the Twitter universe, ESPN's NBA insider Marc Stein was hopeful that the final moments in lead-up to the 3 p.m. ET deadline would produce some player movement:

Stein's prediction turned out to be dead-on.

But in the end, fans Roman Tanner and Michael Mason both summed up Thursday's remarkably calm deadline day with thoughts that surely popped into everyone's head at some point:

There's certainly no arguing that Thursday's deadline day failed to live up to the immense hype generated by weeks of rumors. While there were a handful of moves made, there were no blockbuster deals or big names swapping jerseys.

Sadly, we'll have to wait until this summer before the next major NBA player-movement holiday. 


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