My WWE Draft 2009

ryan dave delos reyesContributor IApril 10, 2009

Things will shake up next Monday Night on RAW when the 2009 WWE Draft takes place.

So, what will happen within the WWE? That is one of the questions that is rumbling inside the minds of some WWE fans, myself included.

Here are my thoughts on who will get drafted to RAW, SmackDown!, and ECW. Enjoy!

No. 1 Pick: Christian (from ECW to RAW)

No. 2 Pick: Undertaker (from SmackDown! to RAW)

No. 3 Pick: Edge (from SmackDown! to RAW)

No. 4 Pick: Jack Swagger (from ECW to RAW)

No. 5 Pick: Matt Hardy (from SmackDown! to RAW)

No. 6 Pick: CM Punk (from RAW to SmackDown!)

No. 7 Pick: John Cena (from RAW to SmackDown!)

No. 8 Pick: Chris Jericho (from RAW to SmackDown!)

No. 9 Pick: Evan Bourne (from ECW to SmackDown!)

No. 10 Pick: The Brian Kendrick (from SmackDown! to ECW)