Triple H: Not a Bad Person Or "How I Should Learn to Stop Being Smarky"

Aaron WeissContributor IApril 10, 2009

I took a long look in the mirror after I wrote that article essentially saying Triple H was burying Randy Orton.

I stand by that statement.

But someone so smart as Triple H, someone who constantly keeps putting himself in matches with Orton and sticking by him through all his personal problems, couldn't possibly be doing this on purpose.

I remember watching Evolution back in 2003 and 2004. They truly were the modern Four Horsemen, and it wasn't just the suits. It wasn't just the women. It was the loyalty. It was the mentality. It was their actions.

Above all else, it was their camaraderie. You could see in their eyes, they genuinely liked each other. They were friends. Triple H really did see the future in Batista and Randy Orton, and ultimately he was proven right.

So when I see him screw something up like Orton's push so bad, something that had a clear slam dunk in a victory for Orton at WrestleMania 25, it's frustrating. It's confusing.

Time will tell if the mess has been made of Orton's recent push can be salvaged soon. There's no doubt he is a star, and will continue to be a star, but whether or not we will be talking about him as we do Lex Luger or as we do Sting will be determined by what happens in his career in these next couple of years.

All I know is mistakes like Triple H's victory at WM XXV cannot happen again, especially when it's Randy Orton who is losing.