WWE Main Event, Feb. 20: The Big Show Runs the Gauntlet and Gabriel vs. O'Neil

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IFebruary 20, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

This week’s episode of WWE Main Event opened with a very angry Big Show. He wasn’t too happy about Michael Cole and The Miz showing stills of his loss at the Elimination Chamber and said that there was nothing funny about it.

Booker T was making him look like a joke and threatened to take out the entire SmackDown locker room. That brought out Jimmy and Jey Uso for The Big Show’s first match.

The Big Show gave a good promo here. He was solid on the microphone as he showed his anger through his tone of voice. I like angry Big Show a lot more than whiny Big Show. He did complain a little bit here, but I thought he was more angry than whiny in the segment.

The Big Show running the gauntlet could be very interesting, so I can’t wait to see how WWE goes about it.


The Big Show vs. The Usos: Handicap Match

The Big Show picked up the victory here after hitting both Usos with a chokeslam. This was a decent match that saw The Usos impressive quite a bit in the ring with The Big Show. They worked quite well with someone of Big Show’s size.

Their double suplex was especially impressive. The Usos’ double-team maneuvers on somebody of that size worked out nicely. It’s a shame that they didn’t walk away with the win.

The Usos are probably the best tag team in the WWE right now and are definitely two of my favorite WWE Superstars. I’d like to see them get the chance to shine, but WWE never seems to want to push them. Hopefully, they’ll get that chance after working so well with a main event talent.

The Big Show was his usual self. There’s nothing that he did that is really of any note.


The Big Show vs. Brodus Clay

The Big Show’s second, or technically third, opponent was Brodus Clay. The former World Heavyweight champion picked up a second win here after hitting the Knockout Punch. This match was better than I expected, and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it was going to.

Last year during The Big Show’s feud with John Cena, he and Brodus went one-on-one a couple of times. All of those times, though, saw The Big Show just squash the Funkasaurus. I figured that was going to happen again here, but I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t go down like that.

The action was solid between the two, and Brodus looked good in the ring with The Big Show. The match wasn’t anything spectacular, but it showed me that Brodus can get the job done in the ring when he’s given the chance. Whether he’ll ever be taken seriously as a singles competitor remains to be seen, but he has the potential to become a star.

Once again, The Big Show was The Big Show. He worked well with Brodus, though, which is what made the match a solid one, but still not great. Unfortunately for him, his night wasn’t over just yet.


The Big Show vs. The Great Khali

The Big Show won the third and final match against The Great Khali via count-out when he hit the Knockout Punch and Khali tumbled to the outside. I really couldn’t get into this match. In fact, I can’t get into any of Khali’s matches. I find myself bored whenever he’s in the ring, and fighting somebody as big as he is didn’t help.

The Big Show is a lot more athletic than Khali, but there really isn’t much you can do in the ring with somebody who can barely walk down the ramp.

Post-match, The Miz got up from the announce booth and got ready for a fight. He seemed to be The Big Show’s next opponent, but with no referee in the ring, there was no such match. Instead, The Miz used his quickness to get The Big Show down to one knee and kick him in the face multiple times.

Seriously, The Miz was lightning quick in the ring. The Big Show tried to reenter the ring, but he got a dropkick for his troubles. He walked away once again embarrassed as The Miz stood tall in the ring.

I have never seen The Miz move that fast. He’s always been quick in the ring, but he was almost a blur here. The Big Show targeting The Miz earlier and The Miz taking him out intrigues me. The Miz’s feud with Antonio Cesaro is obviously not over, and The Big Show is kind of feuding with Booker T.

I figured Miz and Cesaro would have another match at WrestleMania while Big Show fought Booker T, but what happened between the former partners here seems like the start of a feud. I wonder where WWE is going to go with this.

Backstage, Matt Striker was with Brad Maddox. He said that he was the assistant managing supervisor of Raw, not Vickie Guerrero’s assistant. He had his eye on a lot of things, and change was certainly coming as he and Guerrero were better than both the McMahon/Helmsley Era and the Attitude Era. The “Brickie Era” was officially upon us.

Brad Maddox is pure entertainment. He really knows how to cut a promo, and I’m glad that he’ll be on television a lot more now. He and Guerrero are very different people, so it should be quite entertaining to see what happens between them.

As for the “Brickie Era,” that name just sounds terrible. At the same, it’s pretty humorous. Whatever Maddox is going to bring to the table during this storyline is going be great!


Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O’Neil

Before the match, Striker was with Justin Gabriel. He wasn’t afraid of fighting Titus O’Neil, and that brought in a barking O’Neil. He wanted to talk about the numbers to which Gabriel gave him one. That number was 450, meaning his 450 Splash, but O’Neil just saw that as 450 ways to beat Gabriel.

I couldn’t get into the interview. Neither Gabriel nor O’Neil was really given a chance to say much, so it was kind of a waste of an interview segment. Since Gabriel never gets interview time, it would have been great to hear him talk for a few minutes, but O’Neil was thrown in there for some reason.

Gabriel then picked up the victory with the 450 Splash after a decent match. There was some nice overall action, but the pace of the match was all over the place. When Gabriel was in control, the pace was fast, but as soon as O’Neil got the upper hand, it slowed down dramatically.

Both wrestlers are good in-ring performers. Gabriel has had many good matches on Superstars and NXT, while O’Neil hasn’t had much time as a singles competitor. He faced Tensai one-on-one a few weeks ago on Main Event, and it was a very good match. He can perform when given the chance.

I think the issue here was that their respective styles were too different, and they didn’t mesh that well with one another.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy this episode of WWE Main Event. This is the first time I haven’t been into the show since I started watching on a regular basis.

Seeing The Big Show run the gauntlet was a great idea, but in the end, it didn’t really work for me. By the time it ended, I was quite bored. The Miz did breathe some life into it, but I wish they actually had a match. I couldn’t get too into the main event either.

I was disappointed with this episode. I hope things improve with next week’s Main Event.


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