Buying a Car from a Crackhead and The Rock's 5 Weirdest Promos

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 21, 2013

Buying a Car from a Crackhead and The Rock's 5 Weirdest Promos

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    On the Feb. 11 episode of Raw, The Rock tapped into the weirdest corner of his mind and told a story about buying a car from a crackhead.

    WWE and oddness have long been a couple.

    Rock's promo, though, was especially bizarre. He told a long-winded story about hustling a crackhead in a Nashville bar. It felt as random as John Cena's horrendous promo before the Royal Rumble.

    This wasn't Rock’s first trip to Wacky Town though. Among his many electrifying performances, some have been drenched in peculiarity.

    The following are the weirdest, most perplexing promos in The Rock's career.

5. Monkey Penis

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    The Rock did a taped promo to help promote WrestleMania 23’s Battle of the Billionaires. The oddness of the central joke confused as much as it entertained.

    He revealed to WWE fans that Umaga is Samoan for "shriveled-up monkey penis."

    Having this idea be the centerpiece of a smack-talk session was weird enough. The Rock repeating that strange phrase so often took this promo into new territory.

    He definitely made it a funny moment in spite of its juvenile nature.

4. Bend Over

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    Chris Benoit apparently said that he'd make The Rock squeal.

    The Great One then proceeded to squeak out the word "squeal" several times, claiming to not know the meaning of it. Most of this part is standard Rock behavior.

    The weirdness comes in when he asks interviewer Mark Lloyd to bend over.

    Lloyd then holds his compromising position as The Rock looks on confused. Had a fan's roommate walked in as this was happening live, there'd be a lot of questions about what exactly they were watching.

3. Copacabana

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    Jonathan Coachman spent much of his time with WWE as the butt of The Rock's jokes.

    One of his most famous run-ins with Rock was also one of his funniest and strangest. The Coach just wanted to interview The Rock. He soon found himself acting the fool moments later.

    After joking about Coachman playing pocket pool, The Rock coaxes him to sing Barry Manilow in front of a live audience.  It certainly marked the first time that Barry Manilow was a part of SmackDown.

    The goofy direction this went was entertaining, but undoubtedly weird as well.

2. Nashville Crackhead

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    The Rock's promo in Nashville took us on a strange journey.

    He told the Nashville crowd that at 15 years old, he was hanging out at a local bar. A crackhead offered to sell him a car on the cheap. Rock's powerful charisma made this far more entertaining that it should have been.

    Fans likely listened, hoping for some kind of point to be made, for Rock to somehow tie his rambling into his feuds. That moment never came.

    Rock instead left us with one of the weirdest promos ever.

1. Slot Machines

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    Teeming with energy, The Rock spouted off insults against Undertaker, Kane, Mankind and Big Show.

    He's clearly having a ton of fun here, but the actual material is strange personified.

    There is a lot of talk about a giant slot machine. The Rock speaks on the weight of Taker's head and does an impersonation of Kane with a pantomime mechanical larynx. He delivers it all rapidly with a cartoony voice in certain spots.

    The Brahma Bull turned in an equally hilarious and bizarre performance, showing how it almost doesn't matter what he says. He's entertaining regardless.