WWE and Take-Two Interactive Agree to Deal to Produce WWE 2K Series

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 20, 2013

image from ESPN
image from ESPN

Take-Two Interactive's acquisition of the WWE license is proof that the 2K brand is one of the most powerful brands in sports video games. The deal runs for five years, and the first 2K published WWE game (WWE 14) is set to be released this fall, per ESPN.

WWE 13 was the final game produced by THQ, the previous owner of the exclusive license, and it was widely well-received. I personally rated it an eight out of 10.

Because of that momentum, Take-Two wisely hired many of the developers from Yukes, the company that had worked with THQ to produce the most recent WWE games.

This is a great way to maintain the series' momentum and slowly integrate some 2K-isms into the product.

2K Sports is already the publisher of the ultra-popular, successful and downright good NBA 2K series. Now it has added a sports gaming franchise that brings a devoted following and rabid community.

It is a blessing, but with the acquisition comes great responsibility.

WWE gaming fans drive a hard bargain, and they will not be satisfied with simply slapping a few logos and catch phrases on a bland title. The quality of the first version of WWE gaming that 2K puts its name on will be critical.

It will dictate how the franchise is perceived moving forward.

With 2K's track record, it seems that the license is in capable hands.

That said, we can't just look at the success and quality of a basketball series and think that will automatically translate to a wrestling/fighting title.

It's comforting to have Yukes still on board, but most of the forthcoming details will tell us more about this major development in the future of wrestling video games.

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