NFL Logos Given Hilarious British Treatment, NY Jets Still Easy Target

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 20, 2013

David Rappoccio, the artist behind Dave's Art Locker, tried his hand at some re-envisioning of sorts, altering every NFL team's logo to reflect their British alter-egos. 

Rappoccio once created a hilarious breakdown of Peyton Manning's face on every NFL logo. 

We will let him describe his madness here:

Now I did it again. This time, with all the talk about the NFL possibly expanding into London (which for the record, I think is a terrible idea for a multitude of reasons) I decided to make every logo and team name...British! Get ready for some monocles! And Bowler hats! And Mustaches!

Here are our favorites from a list of creations far better than any throwback or alternate jersey.

I always thought the Buffalo Bills name was a bit too inclusive. 


The Denver Broncos are going to prance all over you.

Urban Dictionary tells us a tosspot is a drunkard, which I am fairly confident describes half the fans out in Lambeau's freezing weather.  

This should really be the Redskins logo, if only for a year. And then perhaps they will switch it to something else entirely. 

The Cleveland Browns get one stellar logo that will have you drawing some tea to share with your favorite canine, and another that is just, well, unfortunate. 

For those who like their creativity slanted away from the silly, I encourage you to also take a look at M. Willis' Soccer Out of Context blog posts. 

The website takes baseball jerseys and delivers them as soccer kits. 

Either way, you should be well satisfied with logos and jerseys from a Bizarro world. Of course, that won't stop leagues from constantly trying to come up with new and exciting throwbacks every season. 

We don't want bumblebee uniforms, we want something more in keeping with Quality Marching Fellows. Know your audience, NFL. 


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