Debate: Is Mike Wallace Worth a $60M Contract for Miami?

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Debate: Is Mike Wallace Worth a $60M Contract for Miami?
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Mike Wallace is reportedly Miami's number one free agent target.  Is he worth the potential $60M contract he could garner?


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Good luck! He's a shiny object to attract your attention now but long term there's still a cap to think about. 3 years from now when you hamstrung ...
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Unfortunately, yes Wallace is worth every penny for our stale offense!!! And he still won't be enough because we'll have to invest in another WR and T...
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I don't think he's worth that type of money. He's better than what the dolphins currently have but that's way to much money for a wide out.
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Mike Wallace is worth it. He has the ability to draw double teams and open up the field for other receivers. He can also score TDs and rack up yards e...
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Yes. The dolphins have plenty of money to spend and need a big time talent. Patterson at 12 is too high, and certainly not Keenan Allen. Wallace, H...
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